Rolling over and wagging my tail…I am so happy I don’t think I can stop! MUST READ!!

Bella relaxing

Beautiful Bell

How are all of my new dog friends doing? If you read my last blog, you will know that it was a busy weekend for everyone at dogPACER. Woof…it turned out to be one of the best weekend, EVER! Woof, Woof, Woof!!

BTW…how do you like my new photo in black & white.? Yaniv took the photo with his iPhone and uploaded it on our Instagram account. Are you or your parents on Instagram? It is so fun! Follow us @dogpacer for tons of fun photos of me and dog friends.

Ok…BIG NEW…are you panting with anticipation??? BOL, BOL! 🙂

I met Uggie, the dog actor and star of The Artist! He is a Golden Globe winner!! Woof, woof, wooooof… Uggie was walking, running and doing tricks on the dogPACER! I was impressed. I admit, I was a little jealous at first, I want to be a Hollywood dog too..but he is just so nice and cute…wagging my tail like crazy! 😉

Here’s a great photo of Uggie on the dogPACER at the O.C. Pet Expo.

Uggie, The Actor Dog on the dogPACER

Uggie, The Actor Dog on the dogPACER







Uggie and his family are the new owners of their very own dogPACER dog treadmill! Didn’t I tell you that people were taking notice and loving the dogPACER?? Dogs and their parents LOVE our amazing dog treadmill.

My new friend, Prada, another dogPACER dog owner and lover was at the Las Vegas Pet-A-Palooza over the weekend. She woofed to me that she loved being in the spotlight and had so much fun meeting new dog friends and showing her skills on the dogPACER.

Here is a fun photo from Pet-A-Palooza to enjoy! I’m going to take a ride to UPS to ship out all of the dogPACER dog treadmills that were sold over the weekend! Woof, woof, woof!!!