Happy Veterans Day!! I am probably the only dog that loves Monday!

After a fun and relaxing weekend, I was excited to go back to the dogPACER office and get to work. We are busier than ever since the launch of the Minipacer and with the growing dogPACER dog treadmill fans and owners!! I make sure everyone in the office is doing their jobs…B.O.L.

I started my morning with a great run on my dogPACER then it was straight to my desk to catch up on my email, my Social Media Accounts and approving new photos of me…as the dogPACER spokesdog, I like to make sure I look my coat is shiny and perfect… I have a woofunderful job!!

I love our new office…we have so much space, a training center that dogs can come with their parents to try out the dogPACER or Minipacer, or take training classes with our certified trainer, Geralynn.

I also join in the classes to help Geralynn…I make sure to have my paw in everything with dogPACER…woofie…

I’ve been barking to my online dog friends all day…they are making their holiday lists for their parents and so many of them want a dogPACER or Minipacer dog treadmill as a gift. I give them tips on behaving, rolling over, dog kisses, begging and best trick…the puppy-dog eyes…they always work for me! B.O.L.

I hope everyone had a great Monday…I will be bark-blogging again soon! Enjoy the picture of my dog friends from the last class we had in the office!


Hope you’re having a woofunderful weekend!!!

Wagging my tail, running around, playing fetch and going on car rides…yep, I am one lucky dog!!! I love the weekends!! Whether if I am running on my dogPACER dog treadmill or having fun with my dad, I always love the weekends!!

Today there is a huge adoption events in Las Vegas today that our trainer, Geralynn is helping with. There are so many adorable dogs that really need new forever homes. If you live in the Vegas area you should stop by!! Tell all of your parents and friends!!

I am also so excited that Instagram launched a web-based tool that anyone who does not have an Instagram account can go to and see all of the fun photos I have from all of my fun adventures with the dogPACER and Minipacer.

Here is the link: http://instagram.com/dogpacer

If you haven’t friended me on Facebook, you are missing out on fun photos, videos and stories of all of the great things happening with dogPACER!!

Go to Facebook and LIKE my page…you can also meet so many of my dog friends and other dogs that come by the dogPACER office for training classes and to try out the our dog treadmills. https://www.facebook.com/dogpacersocial

Here is the information on the adoption event today!!! I’m going for a fun car ride…ready to go have some more weekend fun!!!

Happy Howl-O-Ween to all of my dog friends!!!

Well, it is the first weekend before Halloween…so many of my dog friends are going to costume parties and fun Halloween events. I decided not to dress up this year, but my friend, Rocky dressed up at the Hallo-Wiener event in Las Vegas.

I love this time of year…all kinds of fun costumes on dogs and children going trick-or-treat around the neighborhood. Sometimes I get a little scared, so my dad makes sure I have a safe place to relax when there are too many people coming to the house. He also makes sure that no chocolate or candy is around…I know it is bad for me and can make me sick…but I am a dog, I like to get into things…B.O.L. But to all of my dog friends, make sure you stay away from the chocolate and candy…leave that for the kids, you can get very sick and end up in the vets office…not a good time for dogs! You can read more about foods that can make us sick on our website…http://www.dogpacer.com/

I love the shops that have special dog treats, cakes and cupcakes…you heard my bark right, there are special dog cupcakes, cookies and more…one of my favorite places to get my special treats is The Dog House in Las Vegas. I can go inside with  my dad and pick out some tasty treats just for me. Check out all of the yummy dog treats and items they have at The Dog House. http://gooddogfoodcompany.com/the-dog-house

Here’s a fun photo of Rocky dressed up on his Minipacer at Hallo-Wiener in Las Vegas.


I’m at day 3 of SuperZoo!!! dogPACER won 2nd place in the Best New Dog Product category!! I am wagging my tail with excitement!

SuperZoo has been beyond amazing and so much fun! I’m here with Rocky, a sweet dashund that was rescued from his home because he was so obese he could have died. Rocky is such a great dog friend and he is exercising on the Minipacer to help him shed the weight he must loose to save his life.

As usual, people gather around the dogPACER booth in amazement at how easy the dogPACER dog treadmill is to train their dogs. And the Minipacer is getting so much attention from all of the little dog owners.

Eveyday I am gaining new followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest…and so many dogs and thier parents want to have their picture taken on a dogPACER, Minipacer or with me…I just love it…I love modeling in my spare time. B.O.L.

Some really awesome news is that we won 2nd Place at SuperZoo for Best New Product!!! I am such a proud dog and the entire dogPACER team could not be more excited!!! I think if they had tails like me, they would be wagging them like crazy! Check out the cool ribbon we recieved!!!

Make sure to check back for another blog this week…I have so much more to share with you…it’s time for me to get back to meeting more dogs and all of the fun people at SuperZoo!

Attention all of my small dog friends…the Minipacer dog treadmill was made just for you!!! Woof, woof!

I am so excited about our new Minipacer dog treadmill. I may not be able to exercise on it, but I can stand on top of the boxes of machines we have in stock. B.O.L. The Minipacer dog treadmill has been engineered with the smaller dog breeds and smaller
spaces in mind.  Don’t let the size fool you, the Minipacer  is built from carbon steel and can support dogs up to 55lbs. We put the same time developing time into developing a quality product that is specialized for smaller dogs.
The Minipacer  treadmill is completely portable and will make indoor exercise a breeze. See for yourself how our newest edition to the  dogPACER family has begun to revolutionize the potential for smaller breeds.
Here are some details on the new Minipacer:
Dimensions -Inch L-42 W-21.5 H-29
Weight -48.4 Lbs
Speed -0.5- 7.5 mph (0.1 increments)
Running area -36.6 X 16 Inch
Pet Weight -Up to 55 lbs
Now dog parents have two dogPACER dog treadmills to choose from. For those families that have both small and large dog breeds, the original dogPACER is perfect for them! The patented folding technology and sleek design can fit in large homes or small apartments.
The Minipacer was designed for those tiny, toy, minature and small dogs that want to exercise on a dog treadmill built just for them. It is also more compact for those who need to put it in smaller spaces. The best thing about the Minipacer is the price…we priced it at only $475!! They won’t last long at this low price!! Woofie…
I will be at SuperZoo showing off my skills on the dogPACER and showing dogs and dog lovers the new Minipacer….I am so excited!
Here is the Facebook page for SuperZoo https://www.facebook.com/SuperZoo
You can also go to the dogPACER website for more information about SuperZoo, links to purchase tickets and other events you can meet me and see both the dogPACER and Minipacer. https://www.dogpacer.com

Let me hear you bark if you hate walking and exercising in the rain too…Grrr….I am so happy I can exercise on my dogPACER inside!

Grrrr…I hate walking in the rain almost as much as I dislike the heat! I’m such a lucky dog because I can exercise indoors on my dogPACER dog treadmill when the weather is nasty outside!

I can’t stop barking to all of my friends about the amazing article from the Huffington Post featuring my favorite exercise equipment…the dogPACER dog treadmill!! All of my hard-work and skills on the treadmill are really paying off…the world (almost…B.O.L.) is taking notice!

Check out the amazing article here! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/14/dog-treadmill-_n_1776329.html

You can read all about many of my dog friends, the fancy shop in LA that carries the dogPACER and read about how the company was started by my dad and uncle and how we really are changing dogs lives!

dogPACER is also going GLOBAL!! You hear me right…global!! An article that ran in the Associated Press was viewed in over 95 news and media outlets in the US and Internationally!!! Woofie!!! I want to meet some french poodles and King Charles Cavalier Spaniels from England… 🙂

There’s also some extra special news I have to share with you…we are launching a mini dogPACER!!! My extra-small dog friends are so excited!!! You can read more in our upcoming September newsletter that will be available on September 3rd! Make sure you go to www.dogpacer.com and sign up to receive the newsletter to read more about the great things going on at dogPACER!



Meet more of my dog friends and find out some fun things to do this weekend with your parents! Dog friendly exercising and mingling!!

I’m rolling over and playing dead for a while. B.O.L. 🙂 I had so much fun with Geralynn and her dogs. I am very happy to have my dad back. I wish I could have gone on vacation with him…but someone has to take care of all of the new dogPACER dog treadmill owners. 🙂

I had to share this fun photo of Trixie! She loves running on her dogPACER. She is so well behaved.

The dogPACER team is in overdrive now…we are looking for a new office space with a warehouse attached to it. Woofie….more places for me to run on dog treadmills!!! Well, I also let other dogs exercise on them too…if you’re lucky enough to live in the Las Vegas area, we invite dogs to bring their parents and test out the dogPACER before they buy it. Of course, once your parents see you running and having fun on the dog treadmill, they buy one immediately and take it home with them.

Besides looking for a new office and warehouse, we are playing with our new logo and designing special dogPACER merchandise for all of or friends and fans!! Of course, I am putting my special pawdeas on everything! B.O.L.!

I also received a special text from Mac, our July dog-of-the-month. He was so excited to be featured in our newsletter!! His mom sent a picture of him posing on his dogPACER!

I need to figure out how to get my dad and Yaniv to design a camera or camera phone just for dogs. B.O.L. Can you imagine the fun photos we would take if we had our own camera? They have a “dogs of instagram”…we would have parents of instagram. I’d like to catch them in funny poses and when their hair is a mess…woof, woof….

I’m so happy my dad is back…I can’t wait to have a fun weekend with him. I hope we go to this MeetUp Event with my friends at The Dog House.

Come and enjoy a cool morning out with other Golden Retriever fans!
There will be Bagels, Coffee and Mimosas for you and…
tasty treats for your dog!
Only $5 per person! All procedes benefit The Golden Retriever Rescue of So. NV.

Tickets can be purchased at:

You can have your parents look for a Meetup in your area too. http://www.meetup.com/

Here’s another fun photo of one of our dogPACER friends. His parents posted this on my Facebook page.

It’s Friday!! Happy Friday…I have so many emails from dogs that love exercising on their dogPACER dog treadmill! See the fun photos!

I am such a popular dog…I love all of the great emails I am receiving from dog friends that are enjoying exercising on their dogPACER dog treadmills. I am also so happy that dog friends that are available for adoption are running on our dog treadmill to get in shape and show off their skills for the parents that are looking to adopt. I had to share some fun photos of dogs from the FUPI (Foreclosed Upon Pets, Inc.) group in Las Vegas. This group is so great, they rescue pets that were left in the homes that owners abandoned after their home was foreclosed on…can you imagine? 🙁 You can see the pets available for adoption on the FUPI Facebook page…make sure to bark the information to your family and friends!! https://www.facebook.com/FUPILasVegas?ref=ts

I am always happy to help rescue and rehabilitation groups and my dad is just as committed to rescue efforts!! My dad and his business partner, Yaniv go to one or more rescue events a month to help raise awareness and funds for the wonderful organizations that rescue animals and help them find new forever homes.

I also got to go to The Dog House, one of my favorite dog boutiques in Las Vegas! They love me there…woof, woof! They have fun events that parents bring us dogs to so we can socialize, shop, snack on yummy and healthy treats…and run on the dogPACER dog treadmill!! The Dog House spokesdog, Mac is tons of fun and loves meeting new dog friends and showing off his skills running and jogging on the dogPACER.

Check out their page on Facebook too!! https://www.facebook.com/thedoghouseboutique?ref=ts

Have a fun and safe weekend!! Make sure to keep cool in the summer sun!! Woof, woof!!

Dogs, Cats & Ferrets…Woofie…I had a great weekend at Blog Paws in Salt Lake City!! Another great time running dogs on the dogPACER dog treadmill.

Another great weekend is gone too soon. I spent the weekend in Salt Lake City with my dad and our newest addition to the dogPACER team, our certified dog trainer, Geralynn. We attended BlogPaws and I met so many other pet blogger friends. There were animal lovers of all kinds there! I even got a meet a ferret!! 🙂 a little cute fuzzy animal that smells kinda funny…B.O.L.!

I met Tillman…wow, he is so talented! He can ride a skateboard and surf!! Woof, woof!! I had a fun time showing off my skills on the dogPACER dog treadmill for such a big doglebrity. 🙂

I also met Sully, he is one of the spokesdog models for Natural Balance…yummy stuff! He was filmed while walking on the dogPACER!! From powder-puff Chinese Crested dogs to sweet Bichon’s, so many dogs could not wait for their turn to run on our dog treadmill.

We also had a preview of some of the exciting things we are working on at dogPACER! Stay alert…I will be sharing as soon as I am allowed!! But if you saw how much I am wagging my tail, you would be begging me to tell you…oh, I hate keeping secrets from all of my dog friends…soon, I promise!!

BlogPaws was so fun! So many pets and their families sharing great products, information, blogs and the treats and toys kept coming! They even had doggie yoga and special events just for our parents…they went after we all went to bed…silly humans, don’t they know they should invite us to every party! B.O.L. 😉

I know I need my doggie beauty sleep, so I didn’t mind too much.

When dad was out, I uploaded fun photos on our Instagram account and tweeted some of my new friends about all of the fun we had!! My paws were so busy sharing information on our social media sites! I am happy to have so many more animal friends that share the same joy in blogging and sharing fun photos, videos and stories on social media sites.

You can see a lot more on our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and in my blog…just to name a few…

Make sure to send your parents to our website so they can order you your very own dogPACER dog treadmill!! www.dogpacer.com

I had a fun weekend at The Dog House in Las Vegas!! More dogs had the chance to run on the dogPACER and I met more dog friends!

It was another doggie-fun-filled weekend for me! I had a fun day at The Dog House, one of my favorite dog boutiques in Las Vegas!! I went with my dad and Yaniv to run dogs on the dogPACER dog treadmill. With temperatures getting higher and higher in Las Vegas, our sensitive dog paw pads can get burnt on the hot concrete or asphalt. Heat exhaustion is also another scary thing for us to go through…but what to do with all of this pent up energy? Run on the dogPACER dog treadmill indoors with the air conditioner!! Woofie…

So many dogs had a great time running on the dogPACER and their parents were excited to hear all of the benefits…I think they especially liked that their dogs could get all of the exercise they needed on the dogPACER and not have to worry about this crazy heat!!

Dogs may not sweat…but we do get overheated very easily!!

Mac E. Becwith is one of my best dog friends and the dog spokesmodel for The Dog House in Las Vegas. Mac has his own dogPACER dog treadmill and his parents own two dog boutiques that carry the dogPACER.

Check out his Facebook page for fun videos: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002242766141&ref=ts

You can also go to the dogPACER fan page to see Mac and other dog friends on the dogPACER. https://www.facebook.com/dogpacersocial

Here is the link to The Dog House website! http://gooddogfoodcompany.com/the-dog-house

You have to see all of the fun things they have for dogs. You can go shopping there with your parents!! Woof, Woof…roll over and beg and wag your tail and I bet they will take you!

I had a great time running with Mac at The Dog House. We made lots of friends and had a great time showing how easy and safe it is to exercise on the dogPACER!

Check out this picture of Mac…he is a handsome French Bulldog!! B.O.L. Woofie…