Ways to Spot And Help Prevent A Dog From Catching A Cold

Sad pups has a cold, but we at dogPACER will make sure it doesn't stick around long.

Sad pups has a cold, but we at dogPACER will make sure it doesn’t stick around long.

We sometimes take for granted just how healthy our dogs are, without realizing what’s wrong until something is dire. It’s easy to forget dogs can catch colds just like humans, and if we are not careful, without the proper treatment, it can lead to serious problems, or even death. We did a similar article about dog depression a few weeks ago, and think of this as a follow up. To make the signs easier to recognize, we put together a list for signs to spot if the dog is catching a cold, and what steps you can take to help prevent it.

Believe it or not, a dog does not get sick in the way that humans do. While humans get colds as the result of the rhinovirus strain, dogs are not affected by that strain of flu. Rather, dogs can get what is more commonly known as “kennel cough”, which should actually be something they are immunized against at a very young age, though it sometimes go unnoticed. Kennel cough can inflict a dog with many of the same ailments humans feel when sick, but can travel to their respiratory tract if not treated properly. There are some ways to spot if your dog might be getting sick. Pay close attention for any of these signs:

Runny nose, wheezing, watery eyes, sneezing fits, and a yellow or green discharge from the nose.

It is important to be aware that a dogs health problems can compound if not properly addressed, so here are some simple tips when trying to keep dogs immune system in best possible health:

A meat-based diet

Tons of exercise (in a clean, dog-safe environment)


Clean, filtered water

Regular checkups

And ofcourse, as we have stated many times before, some good ole’ fashioned TLC though love won’t cure and fix everything for a dog, it is more important than most would assume, and that bit of extra love can truly make a difference.

Remember to exercise your dog in clean environments that you are both familiar with, and pay extra attention to any strange signs that may indicate less than perfect health for your canine. If you notice it early enough, and treat it quickly, you can keep your dogs happy and healthy.