Happy National Pet Day!!! I love all of these special pet holidays!! Let’s Celebrate!!

Bella Smiling next to her dogPACER

Bella smiles after she runs on her dogPACER

Did you know that there are tons of “Special Pet Holidays”?? You heard my bark right…pet holidays!! And many are national!! Being in the “business”, I have to know these things…that is the business that makes the best dog treadmill…in the world!! 🙂

Don’t believe me? Google it! I’m just barking at you…I will let you know how to find out about these fun dates…make sure your parents know so that you get extra attention during these holidays!!

January has an entire month devoted to training your dog (something we in the dogPACER team know about all to well). Dog training is important!! I was trained by experts before my dad adopted me. Since my dad is one of the founders of the dogPACER, I was the obvious choice to be the dog spokesmodel. My title was recently updated to Chief Canine Officer (CCO). Wag with me… 🙂

Other fun holidays in January are National Dress Your Pet Day, Change a Pet’s Life Day and National Pet Travel Safety Day. WOW…and that’s just some of them. This is another reason that I am proud to be the spokesmodel and Chief Canine (aka-DOG) Officer for dogPACER…because we really are changing dogs lives.

Check out this website for more holidays…make sure your parents put your holidays on the calendars!! http://www.dogtipper.com/fun/pet-holidays

Today is National Pet Day!! I’m so excited I can barely hold my tail still for a second to type. Tonight one of our favorite local dog boutiques is having a “Paw-Tay”… It is going to be fun for dogs and parents. If you live in Vegas, you should join in the fun…beg extra and I know your parents will take you. If not, you should go there sometime…they are really nice and they always have the best treats, toys and more…Here is their website.!! http://gooddogfoodcompany.com/the-dog-house

The Dog House

The Dog House Las Vegas