How To Best Introduce A Baby To A Dog

Where is my baby buddy?

Where is my baby buddy?

When you think about dogs and babies, is there anything cuter in all the world? Nope, there really isn’t. When a dog and a baby connect and get along, watching and observing them is adorable, but what people need to know is, there are ways to introduce the baby to the dog without one fearing the other. The first meeting is essential to the rest of the relationship, and not enough people know that.

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Happy Labor Day!!!! The MiniPacers and the new LF 3.1 dogPACER dog treadmills are in and flying off the shelf!! Make sure to get yours before they are gone!

The MiniPacers are here as well the new LF 3.1 dogPACER's.  These won't last long so spread the word.Happy Labor Day to all of my dog friends. I am up early and excited for a fun day with family and friends. There are BBQ’s, hiking with my dad and some special doggie play dates on my calendar today!

I am also excited to let you know that the MiniPacers are here as well the new LF 3.1 dogPACER’s. Β These won’t last long so spread the word to your parents and all of your dog friends.

There’s so much excitement around the new MiniPacer…my small dog friends are doing flips and tricks over its compact size and sleek design. We also have more of our original dogPACER dog treadmills that smaller or larger dogs can exercise on. It is perfect for those mixed dog families.

I am also excited about the list of dogs that have scheduled time in our new training facility with our trainers, Yaniv and Geralynn to try out the MiniPacer and the dogPACER!! We have a professional photographer that works in our office that snaps fun photos and some videos of the dogs and their parents during their training session…and they have special photos taken when they purchase their dog treadmill to take home. Sometimes they even want me to pose with them…and of course, I do…woof, woof!

I hope everydog has a safe and happy labor day with your friends and family! Make sure to go inside during the fireworks and try not to eat too much junk (aka people food) today!!! If you own a MiniPacer or dogPACER dog treadmill, you can work it off tomorrow. B.O.L.!

Meet more of my dog friends and find out some fun things to do this weekend with your parents! Dog friendly exercising and mingling!!

I’m rolling over and playing dead for a while. B.O.L. πŸ™‚ I had so much fun with Geralynn and her dogs. I am very happy to have my dad back. I wish I could have gone on vacation with him…but someone has to take care of all of the new dogPACER dog treadmill owners. πŸ™‚

I had to share this fun photo of Trixie! She loves running on her dogPACER. She is so well behaved.

The dogPACER team is in overdrive now…we are looking for a new office space with a warehouse attached to it. Woofie….more places for me to run on dog treadmills!!! Well, I also let other dogs exercise on them too…if you’re lucky enough to live in the Las Vegas area, we invite dogs to bring their parents and test out the dogPACER before they buy it. Of course, once your parents see you running and having fun on the dog treadmill, they buy one immediately and take it home with them.

Besides looking for a new office and warehouse, we are playing with our new logo and designing special dogPACER merchandise for all of or friends and fans!! Of course, I am putting my special pawdeas on everything! B.O.L.!

I also received a special text from Mac, our July dog-of-the-month. He was so excited to be featured in our newsletter!! His mom sent a picture of him posing on his dogPACER!

I need to figure out how to get my dad and Yaniv to design a camera or camera phone just for dogs. B.O.L. Can you imagine the fun photos we would take if we had our own camera? They have a “dogs of instagram”…we would have parents of instagram. I’d like to catch them in funny poses and when their hair is a mess…woof, woof….

I’m so happy my dad is back…I can’t wait to have a fun weekend with him. I hope we go to this MeetUp Event with my friends at The Dog House.

Come and enjoy a cool morning out with other Golden Retriever fans!
There will be Bagels, Coffee and Mimosas for you and…
tasty treats for your dog!
Only $5 per person! All procedes benefit The Golden Retriever Rescue of So. NV.

Tickets can be purchased at:

You can have your parents look for a Meetup in your area too.Β

Here’s another fun photo of one of our dogPACER friends. His parents posted this on my Facebook page.

Dogs, Cats & Ferrets…Woofie…I had a great weekend at Blog Paws in Salt Lake City!! Another great time running dogs on the dogPACER dog treadmill.

Another great weekend is gone too soon. I spent the weekend in Salt Lake City with my dad and our newest addition to the dogPACER team, our certified dog trainer, Geralynn. We attended BlogPaws and I met so many other pet blogger friends. There were animal lovers of all kinds there! I even got a meet a ferret!! πŸ™‚ a little cute fuzzy animal that smells kinda funny…B.O.L.!

I met Tillman…wow, he is so talented! He can ride a skateboard and surf!! Woof, woof!! I had a fun time showing off my skills on the dogPACER dog treadmill for such a big doglebrity. πŸ™‚

I also met Sully, he is one of the spokesdog models for Natural Balance…yummy stuff! He was filmed while walking on the dogPACER!! From powder-puff Chinese Crested dogs to sweet Bichon’s, so many dogs could not wait for their turn to run on our dog treadmill.

We also had a preview of some of the exciting things we are working on at dogPACER! Stay alert…I will be sharing as soon as I am allowed!! But if you saw how much I am wagging my tail, you would be begging me to tell you…oh, I hate keeping secrets from all of my dog friends…soon, I promise!!

BlogPaws was so fun! So many pets and their families sharing great products, information, blogs and the treats and toys kept coming! They even had doggie yoga and special events just for our parents…they went after we all went to bed…silly humans, don’t they know they should invite us to every party! B.O.L. πŸ˜‰

I know I need my doggie beauty sleep, so I didn’t mind too much.

When dad was out, I uploaded fun photos on our Instagram account and tweeted some of my new friends about all of the fun we had!! My paws were so busy sharing information on our social media sites! I am happy to have so many more animal friends that share the same joy in blogging and sharing fun photos, videos and stories on social media sites.

You can see a lot more on our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and in my blog…just to name a few…

Make sure to send your parents to our website so they can order you your very own dogPACER dog treadmill!!

I had a fun weekend at The Dog House in Las Vegas!! More dogs had the chance to run on the dogPACER and I met more dog friends!

It was another doggie-fun-filled weekend for me! I had a fun day at The Dog House, one of my favorite dog boutiques in Las Vegas!! I went with my dad and Yaniv to run dogs on the dogPACER dog treadmill. With temperatures getting higher and higher in Las Vegas, our sensitive dog paw pads can get burnt on the hot concrete or asphalt. Heat exhaustion is also another scary thing for us to go through…but what to do with all of this pent up energy? Run on the dogPACER dog treadmill indoors with theΒ air conditioner!! Woofie…

So many dogs had a great time running on the dogPACER and their parents were excited to hear all of the benefits…I think they especially liked that their dogs could get all of the exercise they needed on the dogPACER and not have to worry about this crazy heat!!

Dogs may not sweat…but we do get overheated very easily!!

Mac E. Becwith is one of my best dog friends and the dog spokesmodel for The Dog House in Las Vegas. Mac has his own dogPACER dog treadmill and his parents own two dog boutiques that carry the dogPACER.

Check out his Facebook page for fun videos:Β

You can also go to the dogPACER fan page to see Mac and other dog friends on the dogPACER.Β

Here is the link to The Dog House website!Β

You have to see all of the fun things they have for dogs. You can go shopping there with your parents!! Woof, Woof…roll over and beg and wag your tail and I bet they will take you!

I had a great time running with Mac at The Dog House. We made lots of friends and had a great time showing how easy and safe it is to exercise on the dogPACER!

Check out this picture of Mac…he is a handsome French Bulldog!! B.O.L. Woofie…


It’s your birthday, it’s your birthday, we are going to party like it’s your birthday!! It is my dads BIRTHDAY!!! Check out this cook cake he got!

David's Birthday CakeI have been kissing my dad all week…tomorrow is his birthday!!! Yesterday, the team took him to a birthday lunch…I didn’t get to go. πŸ™ That’s OK…I have all weekend to celebrate with him! This morning, he was surprised with the most beautiful cake!!! It has paw prints and a miniature dogPACER dog treadmill on it!!! I was wagging my tail and begging for a little lick…but he wan’t going to let me have any. πŸ™ That’s OK…it is almost too beautiful to eat!!! I know if they let me have at it, I could finish it off…B.O.L.!

Freed’s Bakery of Las Vegas made this gorgeous cake for my dad!!! Of course, he is all business today! I perk up when I hear all of the great things going on in the dogPACER office! We are expanding to a larger office and we are getting ready to build more machines…so many dogs love the dogPACER dog treadmill so much that we are growing and growing…WOOF, WOOF!! πŸ™‚

I received more videos and photos of the dogs that are using the dogPACER dog treadmill for rehabilitation. These dogs have been rescued by various organizations…some have had surgeries or need to get in shape so that they can be adopted. I love hearing their stories and seeing that the dogPACER is helping them!! I had to share this sweet photo of one of the dogs using the dogPACER for rehabilitation. Careful…you may whimper. <3

Got to to see more photos and videos!!

TGIF!!! It’s a beautiful Friday!! I am ready for a pawsome weekend!!! I’m learning about a Canaan dogs…they are woofalicious!

Happy Friday to all of my dog friends!! I am so excited for the weekend…looking forward to some pawsome time with my dad! I heard him say he was going to take me for a hike…oh, I love to hike!! πŸ™‚

Today has been a fun day in the office. I have been researching a dog breed that is rare and beautiful. Have you met a Canaan? Wow, these dogs are so beautiful…the kinda remind me of myself…woofie, woofie…B.O.L! I found out they are the official dog of Isreal. I bet I would have fun playing in the snow and hiking with these dogs!! They like to do a lot of the same things that I like to do. πŸ™‚

Maybe I can wag my tail extra and have my dad adopt a Canaan for me to have as a brother or a sister…I wouldn’t mind either. πŸ™‚ I can have a buddy to share the dogPACER dog treadmill spotlight with…

I had fun meeting new dog friends and teaching them how to run on the dogPACER dog treadmill. I never get tired of helping dogs and their parents learn all about the dogPACER. I know I am a very lucky dog to have my very own dogPACER dog treadmill. It doesn’t hurt that my dad owns the company…B.O.L.!!! <3

Dad took me on a car ride to the warehouse today and the dogPACER’s are almost gone…I started to sniff around and get worried…then Yaniv (dad’s business partner) told me that it was a good thing they were almost gone…that means more dogs have their own dogPACER and that we are going to need to build more for other dogs to enjoy! Woof, Woof, wag your tail with me…

I wonder if I can get my own IPO one day…just like Beast…his dad, Mark Zuckerberg has is own IPO…something my dad and everyone in the office and on the TV seem to be very excited about…all I know is that I love when they bring Beast into the office and post pictures of him…he is so handsome.

It is only 3pm and I have already exercised on my dog treadmill, played outside with a dog friend and now I am in the office and blogging…I am also on Facebook and tweeting my friends and fans…oh, I am just a very happy pup! I love all of the fans I am getting. πŸ™‚

I know that we have to choose the June “dog of the month” for the dogPACER newsletter soon…guess I better start going through the emails and photos that were sent in. Do you want to be featured in our newsletter or in my blog? Tell your parents they can send in a picture of you and a fun story and you could be featured…or you can send it in yourself.

Send your photo and a little story about yourself to [email protected]

Check out the fun photos, videos and our past newsletters on our website,

I wanted to share a fun photo from today. This is Scruffy with Yaniv on the dogPACER. Scruffy is a natural on the dogPACER!!

It’s a doggie blog world…And dogPACER is on My News 3 on NBC!!! Bark with me…

Bella relaxing in the office

Bella relaxing in the office

Did you know there are thousands of dogs blogging daily? I was rolling over and wagging my tail like crazy when I hear this. I am so excited to join the dog blog community!

I’ve had such great feedback on my blogs from dogs and their parents. I also joined a great pet blogging community…you have to check them out.Β

I’m especially excited today! Last night I was on My News 3 with Jim Snyder for a special two-part news segment about the dogPACER!!! Woof, woof, wag, wag… B.O.L! :=)

Tonight is the second part…I already had my dad set the DVR and Yaniv is taping it too. This is your chance to see us on TV!! If you are not in Vegas and can’t watch it live, you can go to this link and watch the videos. I am so proud!

David, is my dad…I think he did great! And you have heard me bark about Yaniv or as I like to woof at him “The Other Dog Whisperer” B.O.L! πŸ˜‰

Tonight, Jim will be featuring his dog, Norman with the dogPACER. I was able to meet Norman and I have to say, he is one smart dog. I whimpered when Jim told us the story of how Norman was on the list to be put down and Jim saved him!! *Wagging and rolling over with excitement!* I am so happy Norman was saved…he is one handsome dog. Woof! <3

Here’s a great photo of Jim and Norman on the day they came to the dogPACER office to do the story on our amazing dog treadmill!! Have a fun weekend with your parents and be sure to check out our news segment. Seriously…the best dog treadmill in the world! Woofie!!!!

Put your paw on our website link and beg your parents for your own dogPACER dog treadmill! www.dogpacer.comΒ 

Jim Snyder and Norman

Jim Snyder and Norman

Meet me at the O.C. Pet Expo this weekend!!! You can also run on the dogPACER at Pet-A-Poolaza in Las Vegas!

Bella & Jim Snyder

Bella with Jim Snyder from My News 3

Look at me…I am posing with Jim Snyder from My New 3 at the dogPACER office!! I was one happy dog yesterday…I was filmed for a 6pm news segment with Jim Snyder!! Can you believe how much press we are getting? I can’t stop wagging my tail and BOL!! Barking Out Loud πŸ™‚

It was such a fun day in the dogPACER office. Jim Snyder brought his camera man and one of his dogs, Norman into the dogPACER office to do a story on the dogPACER dog treadmill after he met me at a Las Vegas pet expo. He was skeptical at first, then he saw how much his dog enjoyed running on the treadmill and heard all of the great benefits and he just had to do a story on us!!

Norman came with him yesterday. He told us how he adopted Norman right before he was to be put down (I don’t like to say the “K” word….grrr…). He is such a great dad to Norman and his other dog, Ringo! Like BINGO but with an R… πŸ™‚ Woof, woofie…

The news segment on dogPACER with me and Jim Snyder will air at 6:00pm on May 3rd. Have your parents mark the calendar, set the DVR and grab some treats so you can watch the fun and your parents can learn how amazing the dogPACER dog treadmill is…make sure to wag your tail and beg for your own dogPACER!!!

I am busy packing the car to hit the road and go to Orange County!! This weekend is the world’s largest pet expo in the OC…BOL, BOL! πŸ™‚

Make sure to tell you parents to bring you to the pet expo and you can meet me and have a picture taken with me and you can run on the dogPACER!! I promise, you will LOVE IT!!!

Here is the link to all of the information your parents need about the expo.

If you live in Las Vegas, you can meet last months “Dog-of-the-Month” winner, Prada and her mom, Tera at the dogPACER booth at the 94.1 Pet-A-Palooza. Prada loves her dogPACER and has become an official dogPACER assistant spokesmodel. Woof, woof…I am always the #1 dogPACER spokesmodel… πŸ™‚

Pet-A-Palooza is fun for you and your parents! Live music, fun activities and lots of dog friends having fun and helping to benefit 40 non-profit Animal Rescue Groups!

Make sure to have your parents stop by the dogPACER booth!! You can meet Prada, run on the dogPACER and I have a BIG secret…Bark to all of your friends…THEY ARE GOING TO OFFER ON-THE-SPOT SALES SPECIALS ON THE dogPACER!!

Go now…bark to all of your friends and meet me at the Orange County Pet Expo or meet Prada at the Pet-A-Palooza this weekend and your parents can save $$ on the dogPACER!!

Prada with her mom Tera...look how easy the dogPACER fits in a car

Prada with her mom Tera...look how easy the dogPACER fits in a car