Five Unconventional Dog Exercises

He is copying how YOU work out.

He is copying how YOU work out.

You know we are obsessed with good dog health here at dogPACER. And we are always trying to think of fun new ways to help keep your dog fit. Sometimes, this can mean thinking outside of the box, and developing fun new exercises and games that will not only keep your dog fit, but will also keep them happy, too. And there is nothing in the world better than a happy dog. So here, for your consideration, 5 awesome yet unconventional dog exercises.

Hide and Seek

This one is a great deal of fun and so simple. Hide a favorite toy or a treat, and excitedly encourage them to go around the house or yard and look for it. Not only does this provide great exercise, but it also works the dog’s brain, making it smarter.

Agility Challenges

There are usually one or two places in every city that has these, even if you are unaware. An agility challenge is something like an obstacle course that the dog can run through to get exercise and test its abilities in various scenarios. Not only will the dog enjoy it, but it provides much excitement and a solid workout, too.

Dog Yoga

Yup, we said it. Dog yoga is slowly catching on across the country, and the people who do it, swear by it. We have brought it up many times for this exact reason. Great for teaching the dog patience, and great as a general workout, dog yoga has caught fire on the West Coast, and here’s hoping it catches more on the East Coast as well.

Leash Biking

Some people get scared to leash-bike because it means putting your dog in control of where you go by having its leash tied to your handlebars. So, in essence, the dog is sort of the driver, and you are just at its mercy. While some think this means a stray squirrel could sign your demise, the reality is, dogs learn pretty quickly they are carrying and leading us in that scenario, so they don’t act as wild as you would imagine. But, just in case, wear protective gear, pads, and a helmet.

dogPACER Treadmill

Say what you want, but these things are changing the world, one out-of-shape dog at a time. And the reasons to use one are many, including injury on the owner’s part, or living in a place known for inclement weather. But really, at this point, these is no excuse why there should be any overweight or unhappy dogs.

We are the simplest solution to that problem.


The Best Exercises For Keeping Your Dog Fit and Happy

Not only will a good game of frisbee be fun for your dog, but it will help to keep it fit and happy.

Not only will a good game of Frisbee be fun for your dog, but it will help to keep it fit and happy.

You know we here at dogPACER encourage you all keeping your dogs as fit as possible. We even pride ourselves on providing you the easiest and most productive ways in which to do that. But the reality of overweight dogs is far more common than we think, when it really is an easy enough problem to avoid. Here are five exercises you can do with your dog that are sure to keep him (and you) fit as a fiddle.


Though there are many variations (like the Frisbee, as seen above) that can get your dog running and retrieving, all while keeping the blood pumping and tail wagging. While different dogs have different things they love to catch, play around with some variations to see what  your dog responds most to, be it a furry toy or a stick, and make sure to put time aside everyday to play a game of catch. the dogs health and long life makes it well worth it.


While not all breeds will enjoy this, it is good to do a little research to make sure yours does, but swimming is a remarkable exercise for dogs, causing them to use all their muscles at once. It also teaches them patience (they don’t get as quickly to their destination) and in the same time, gets them off their feet and gives them a sense of weightlessness that is all but foreign to dogs. Just a warning, introduce some dogs to water and its love at first swim, so make sure you have a body of water available to you if you are going to try swimming as a regular exercise for your dog.


We would think this would be the most common exercise for dogs, but for some owners, who can’t run for various reasons, it’s not even an option. Well, we here at dogPACER pride ourselves on being able to make it an option for every dog. That is why we designed our ergonomic and economic dogPACER dog treadmills. to ensure that every dog can go for a run, despite the weather and despite any problems the owner may be experiencing regarding physical limitations. Truth is, we offer various products to ensure longevity for our canine friends, because frankly, dogs are our life! And you probably wouldn’t be here if they weren’t yours.

A Healthy Dog Is A Happy Dog

happy dog







Do you remember the first time you encountered a really obese dog? Most people don’t forget it, because a fat dog is pretty much in total opposition to how we normally picture dogs. We see dogs as agile, fast, fierce creatures. But as soon as you see a fat dog for the first time, that image is forever tainted. Instead of imagining some muscled beast dashing through the woods, you see something like this. And even though people have taken to thinking obese animals are cute (they do kind of look like cartoons, after all), putting something at the risk for stroke, exhaustion, and death, is not cute or funny. In many ways, it is cruel.

Once an animal gains enough weight that movement becomes a chore, that animal will try to limit its movement. In other words, once the dog starts to get fat, unless you step in and do something about it, the dog will continue to get fatter and fatter. Believe it or not, if the dog gets fat enough, it will actually become depressed and lethargic, losing the urge to go out and run and interact with other dogs. In other words, just like humans, a dog will eventually get really depressed if it gets unhealthy enough. Would you sit idle by and let a friend get depressed and morbidly obese? So why do some people do it with their dogs? Truth is, they may not know the alternatives and ways to avoid that, which is why we are here.

The reality is, there are few things more depressing than a fat, lazy, dog. No one gets a dog with the intention of turning into a big ball of furry fat that sits in the corner of the room and sleeps for 23 hours a day. In many ways, getting a dog and allowing it to get sick and fat and depressed, is like having a prisoner. You are just keeping something, against its will, until it loses all hope and gives up, sleeping away its life. Yes, we know that thought is depressing, that is exactly the point we are trying to make.

The joy a dog gives its owners is often immeasurable and priceless. So why do some people seem to put a price tag on that happiness of that dog, which in turn, brings you and your family decades of happiness? You wouldn’t have a child, and just put it in a room and give it heaping helpings of food and little else every day, would you? That would be neglect, and would affect the growth and maturity of said child. See, when we put it in those terms, it is far more easy to understand. Now apply that logic to owning a dog.

A healthy dog is a happy dog, and taking simple, inexpensive steps to ensure that happiness seems like it would a priceless investment. And we know many, many dog lovers (and dogs) who would agree. A lifetime of love is pretty much worth any price tag attached.