Easter Weekend FUN!! Wag-A-Tail Walk-A-Thon in Las Vegas!!

New friends

New friends from Wag-A-Tail Walk-A-Thon

Another fun weekend for me!! I went to the Wag-A-Tail Walk-A-Thon (WATWAT for short) on Saturday and met so many dogs!!

Saturday I was at the WATWAT to benefit the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society. This is the 16th year that they have had the WATWAT…it was a tail wagging good time! WOOF!!

I met so many new dog friends at this event!! Parents from all over the Las Vegas area brought their dogs to Kellogg-Zaher Park to walk 1-2 miles and enjoy so many fun Easter themed activities!! As they said, it was a “hip hoppity fun time”!!

I love getting out and socializing with new dog friends and their parents…this was especially fun because we had a booth and had fun showing off my skills on the treadmill and letting them try the treadmill out for themselves…let me woof something in you ear…THEY LOVED IT!! 🙂

There was a Polished Pooch Modeling Contest too…and guess what the winner got….are you wagging with anticipation… 😉  YOU GUESSED IT…they won a dogPACER!! Here is a photo of the winning dog, Gucci!!! Isn’t she adorable??

Gucci from the WATWAT event on April 7th

Winner of the Polished Pooch Modeling Contest








I didn’t enter the contest L but I still had a fun time watching so many dogs strut their stuff on the “dog-walk”…that’s right, it is no longer a catwalk…it is a dog-walk. Woofeee….

Can you tell I am still excited over this? If you want to meet me and try your skills on the dogPACER, you should go to the website and see where I will be next! I have a full calendar this month…so I am sure there will be some event you can get your parents to take you to so you can meet me.


You can also meet Yaniv…we call him the “Other Dog Whisperer”…Woof,woof, woooooffff….But really…he is so great with all of the new dogs that aren’t so sure about the dogPACER at first. Just because they see me enjoying my runs on the dogPACER does not mean they completely know what it is like…Yaniv is great with all dogs!! He had so many dogs up and running in just a few minutes…again, we think he secretly whispers something to all of the dogs that make them wag their tails and walk or run on the treadmill on just a couple minutes.  The best part…their parent’s proud faces…I’ve seen some parents cry!! HONEST, I have!! 🙂

I’ve added some fun photos from Saturday on our Facebook page!! Make sure to LIKE us and Follow for extra photos, videos and more stuff that my paws can’t type in the blog…I’d never have time to roll over if I had to keep up with everything that is happening at dogPACER…let’s just say that I am one super busy German Shepherd…and I love my life!


Don’t forget to join the dogPACER “pack” on our website and you can share your stories, photos and videos…and you can ask your parents to submit you to be our “dog-of-the-month” in our monthly newsletter. I can’t wait to meet new friends as they join our pack…


Gucci won!!