A Brave Tale of Dog Rescue and a Very Brave Dog

Wait until you hear this heart warming story!

Wait until you hear this heart warming story!

Our very favorite kinds of stories we can read about dogs often involves dog rescue. As hard as they are to hear at first (because they often begin with a suffering dog or abandoned dog), the best part about real dog rescue stories are that you know they have happy endings. That they involve a dog being given a second chance at life. We decided it might be time to tell a touching dog rescue story of our own. The story of Sadie, who now belongs to one of our editors and we can happily report is doing awesome.

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True: The Blind, Deaf, Three-Legged Dog That Saved His Family From A Fire

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

We say dogs are our best friends, and they really are. They bring us joy when we are sad, and they give us a faith that there is still pure love in the world. But dogs can be so much more than friends, they can also be heroes. The story of True the dog is a story that would inspire any of us. True is an adopted dog who is blind, deaf, and has only three legs. While some would look at True and see a dog with set backs, the Crosleys saw True and knew he deserved just as much love as any other dog. He would go on to prove he was worthy of that love in the best way possible: by saving their lives in the most miraculous of ways, despite what others may seem as a setback.

It was late one night last November when the fire started in the Crosley home, and all the Crosleys had already gone to sleep. True was stirred by the smell of smoke, and immediately knew something wasn’t right. And that is when this little hero sprang to action. Despite having only three legs, and an inability to see or hear, he made his way to the bedroom of Katie Crosley, who was sleeping with her newborn by her side, Jace, when the dog began frantically pawing at her to wake her up. Within moments, Katie smelled the smoke and knew something was wrong, so she scooped up Jace and True and rushed out of the house just in time. The fire consumed everything, but they all survived, injury free, thanks to the quick thinking and love of one dog. A dog some would mistakenly see as disabled.

With the right equipment, a disabled dog functions at the same level as any other,

With the right equipment, a disabled dog functions at the same level as any other,

The amazing fact here is that the Crosleys never treated True like anything less than perfect, and they loved him with all their heart. They taught True certain commands, and treated how they would treat any dog. And to think, they adopted True when his former owner said he was all but useless. But instead of just letting the dog sit around, they exercised True and and kept him active and agile, which was key to how quickly he acted that night.

Even in worst case scenarios, there are various methods to help dogs who have been injured or have had a leg amputated. Tripawds are one provider, standing as proof that these dogs are not handicapped, but merely hindered. They make all sorts of devices that help keep the disabled dogs fully mobile, such as harnesses and scooters. You match that up with a dog treadmill to keep the dog fit, and much like True showed here, you can’t keep a good dog down,

We have said it before and we will say it again, a healthy dog is a happy dog. And in the case of True, a heroic dog as well.

Happy Veterans Day!! I am probably the only dog that loves Monday!

After a fun and relaxing weekend, I was excited to go back to the dogPACER office and get to work. We are busier than ever since the launch of the Minipacer and with the growing dogPACER dog treadmill fans and owners!! I make sure everyone in the office is doing their jobs…B.O.L.

I started my morning with a great run on my dogPACER then it was straight to my desk to catch up on my email, my Social Media Accounts and approving new photos of me…as the dogPACER spokesdog, I like to make sure I look my coat is shiny and perfect… I have a woofunderful job!!

I love our new office…we have so much space, a training center that dogs can come with their parents to try out the dogPACER or Minipacer, or take training classes with our certified trainer, Geralynn.

I also join in the classes to help Geralynn…I make sure to have my paw in everything with dogPACER…woofie…

I’ve been barking to my online dog friends all day…they are making their holiday lists for their parents and so many of them want a dogPACER or Minipacer dog treadmill as a gift. I give them tips on behaving, rolling over, dog kisses, begging and best trick…the puppy-dog eyes…they always work for me! B.O.L.

I hope everyone had a great Monday…I will be bark-blogging again soon! Enjoy the picture of my dog friends from the last class we had in the office!


Hope you’re having a woofunderful weekend!!!

Wagging my tail, running around, playing fetch and going on car rides…yep, I am one lucky dog!!! I love the weekends!! Whether if I am running on my dogPACER dog treadmill or having fun with my dad, I always love the weekends!!

Today there is a huge adoption events in Las Vegas today that our trainer, Geralynn is helping with. There are so many adorable dogs that really need new forever homes. If you live in the Vegas area you should stop by!! Tell all of your parents and friends!!

I am also so excited that Instagram launched a web-based tool that anyone who does not have an Instagram account can go to and see all of the fun photos I have from all of my fun adventures with the dogPACER and Minipacer.

Here is the link: http://instagram.com/dogpacer

If you haven’t friended me on Facebook, you are missing out on fun photos, videos and stories of all of the great things happening with dogPACER!!

Go to Facebook and LIKE my page…you can also meet so many of my dog friends and other dogs that come by the dogPACER office for training classes and to try out the our dog treadmills. https://www.facebook.com/dogpacersocial

Here is the information on the adoption event today!!! I’m going for a fun car ride…ready to go have some more weekend fun!!!

I love the weekend…extra time with my dad, fun weekend trips hiking and meeting new dog friends! Also…set your clocks back an hour tomorrow!

I don’t know about you, but I love the weekends. Sometimes I am going to local adoption events in Las Vegas or other cities with the dogPACER and the Minipacer…one of my favorite things to do…I love meeting so many dogs and letting them try running and walking on our dog treadmills.

Many weekends, when the weather isn’t too hot or cold, I get to go on car rides with my dad to the mountains to go for hikes or to play in the snow (yes, it snows near Vegas). Woof, woof!

I meet so many dogs on the trails that love hiking, jogging and exploring the mountains and fun areas during the fall. The leaves are so nice and the weather, especially with my thick coat, is perfect when it is cool or cold. I do not care for the heat as much. Luckily, I don’t have to wear coats or dog shoes when I walk…B.O.L. 🙂

With the weather getting colder, many dogs were sending me messages about how bored they were stuck indoors all day or night…their parents are getting colds or the flu or the weather is too bad for them to go outside…but now that more people are learning about the advantages of owning a dogPACER or Minipacer dog treadmill, I am starting to get fun videos and photos from those same dogs that are so happy that they are able to exercise indoors anytime, no matter if their parents are sick, if it is too cold or hot outside, or now, with the time change, it is going to start getting dark sooner and many dog friends don’t like going on long walks or run in the dark…now they can exercise anytime!!! Woofie!!

A friendly reminder to your parents, make sure to bark and rollover to remind them to set their clocks back an hour tomorrow!! Fall is officially here…


Hoping all of my dog friends on the East Coast are safe through Hurricane Sandy! Happy Halloween dog friends!

I’ve been reading all of the posts about the horrible things happening in New York and surrounding cities. I just visited New York and I hope all of my dog friends and their families are safe. Storms are scary for most dogs in general, I am sure this is worse for so many dogs. I hope they have a safe place to relax during through all of the storms. For those that are affected, I have seen some heartwarming photos of firemen and policemen rescuing dogs that are stuck…I am so happy there are so many people that help rescue the pets and families that are affected by the storm.


I also want to wish all of my dog friends a Happy Halloween. Today can be both fun and scary for us dogs…our parents love to dress us up in silly costumes and post photos of us on Facebook and other social media sites. Ok, this can be fun…I just love seeing my dog friends in fun costumes…on the other side of the tail, some of the costumes that kids and adults wear can really scare me. Luckily, my dad lets me go in a safe place when people are around with scary costumes. I also exercised a lot already on my dogPACER so that I can rest and nap with all of the craziness of Halloween. Don’t get my bark wrong, I do like Halloween…but sometimes I just get overwhelmed…so I am going to rest today and let the humans play. 🙂

I had to share this photo of my of my best dog friends, Mac. His parents dressed him up and took a photo that they entered in a contest. He loves dressing up and I hope he wins…Good luck, Mac! Mac loves exercising on the dogPACER and now the Minipacer dog treadmills. His parents sell them in their dog boutique, The Dog House.


Happy Saturday…what kind of dog tricks do you do to get treats on Howl-O-Ween? Also…MUST READ…ROCKY NEEDS A NEW FOREVER HOME!

Do you fetch frisbee’s, balls or toys and bring them back to your parents? Or are you a sit and stay or play dead kind of dog? Woofie… All of my dog friends are so talented…and for our tricks, we love getting treats! 🙂

I know I just do my 45 minutes of exercise on my dogPACER and get on and off the treadmill when I am told “treadmill”…I always get a healthy treat after my workout! Yes, I am a spoiled dog!

I have barked to many of you about my good friend, Rocky! He is a rescued wiener dog that is living with our certified trainer, Geralynn. She has been helping Rocky to loose weight and get healthy with a healthy diet and daily workouts on the Minipacer. Rocky is a great dog that is so happy that he is now able to move around and walk normally.

Rocky is healthy enough to find a new family to live with. He is available for adoption and the dogPACER team is working hard to find the perfect family to give him the love and attention he deserves.

Rocky loves attention, he is trained and loves daily workouts on the Minipacer and showing off his skills. You can go to this link to learn more about Rocky and read his amazing story.


You can also contact Geralynn directly or call our office at 702-696-9999. If you have any questions, you can also contact anyone at the dogPACER office at [email protected]

I promise, you will love Rocky! He also loves dressing up and meeting new dogs and people. I will miss him, but I know he deserves a good family to live with after all he has been through.

Happy Howl-O-Ween!!



Woofie…what a great way to start Adopt A Shelter Dog Month!! Read about my new friend, Maggie!!!

I received the best letter from Maggie and her new mommy today! Maggie is a rescued dog. She was rescued 5 years ago by her new loving family in Florida. At 8 years old, Maggie was living a great life…but she was becoming a couch potato and the weight was coming on.

Maggie’s parent bought her a Minipacer recently to give her the extra exercise she needs to stay healthy and loose those extra pounds. At first, Maggie wasn’t sure about the Minipacer and having the ground moving under her feet. After a little patience and training from her mom, Maggie is up and running on the Minipacer and loving it!

Her family can not stop thanking us or raving about the Minipacer. We are pretty proud of this mini machine too. Like I always bark, it may be mini, but the power is mighty. Everyone loves how quiet the Minipacer dog treadmill is and how perfect the compact size is for smaller dogs.

I felt this story was the perfect way to remind all of my friends that October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! I am adopted and many of my dogPACER and Minipacer friends are adopted or rescued.

If you and your family are thinking about adding a new doggie addition to the family, October would be a great month to do it! Have your parents contact the local shelter or rescue organizations to help find the perfect companion for you and your family. And don’t forget, if you have extra weight to loose or just want another fun way to exercise from the comfort of your home, the dogPACER or the Minipacer dog treadmills are perfect for you!



I’m at day 3 of SuperZoo!!! dogPACER won 2nd place in the Best New Dog Product category!! I am wagging my tail with excitement!

SuperZoo has been beyond amazing and so much fun! I’m here with Rocky, a sweet dashund that was rescued from his home because he was so obese he could have died. Rocky is such a great dog friend and he is exercising on the Minipacer to help him shed the weight he must loose to save his life.

As usual, people gather around the dogPACER booth in amazement at how easy the dogPACER dog treadmill is to train their dogs. And the Minipacer is getting so much attention from all of the little dog owners.

Eveyday I am gaining new followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest…and so many dogs and thier parents want to have their picture taken on a dogPACER, Minipacer or with me…I just love it…I love modeling in my spare time. B.O.L.

Some really awesome news is that we won 2nd Place at SuperZoo for Best New Product!!! I am such a proud dog and the entire dogPACER team could not be more excited!!! I think if they had tails like me, they would be wagging them like crazy! Check out the cool ribbon we recieved!!!

Make sure to check back for another blog this week…I have so much more to share with you…it’s time for me to get back to meeting more dogs and all of the fun people at SuperZoo!

I had a great time at the Denver Pet Expo! Also…check out the cool video starring my dad…go, dogPACER!! Changing dogs lives!!

I am so ashamed that I have not blogged in some time…paws crossed…I am not going to go this long without barking to you again. I am relaxing at the Denver airport with my dad while we wait to board our plane going home after a great week at the Denver Pet Expo. I always love going to pet expos and meeting so many dogs that want to learn about the dogPACER dog treadmill. We always have a line around our booth…I just wag my tail and run on the dogPACER while my dad explains to the dog parents how great the dogPACER dog treadmill is and how it can change their dogs lives!!

You have to sit and stay and watch this cool video starting my dad…he did such a great job…woof, woof….


I am also excited to introduce you to the latest dogPACER dog owners, Mya and Mannix…they live in gorgeous San Diego, California…only the BEST city in the US for weather and year-round dog activities. Mya and Mannix are rescued pittbulls that have the best life living in a “tree house” in the Mission Valley area of San Diego. They go on regular walks around their neighborhood and they get to go to Balboa Park (one of the best dog spots in SD) almost daily.

After seeing their best dog friends videos on the dogPACER, Mya and Mannix begged and did tricks until their dad bought them their very own dogPACER. They are already walking daily on it and can’t wait to start running and doing interval training to help with Mya’s joint and hip problems and to give Mannix some extra workout time to keep him healthy and relaxed.

Make sure to check my Facebook page for new videos and photos….