Some Vacation Friendly Dog Spots Just In Time For July 4th

He can only tip the waiter in sloppy kisses.

He can only tip the waiter in sloppy kisses.

As Summer starts to bloom in front of our eyes, we tend to get more and more emails from people wondering about vacation spots that are dog friendly. We all know it is not a real vacation if you do not have your dogs with you, so we compiled a list for you to ensure that both you and your pet have the best Summer you can have.

The Appalachian Trail

Pretty much the perfect trip for those of you who love to stay physical and go on outdoor adventures with your dog, the Appalachian Trail is over 1,500 miles that stretch from Maine to Georgia. And the best part is, the trail is pet approved. There is a limit on the number of pets you can bring, though, so check out the details if you plan on bring more than one.

All of New England

This one tends to surprise people, but Boston is truly a dog loving (and dog accommodating) city. The big kicker in this is that pets are allowed on the T, which is the mass transit system that runs all over the beautiful city. So hop on that train, pick a stop, and start checking out this amazing part of American history. Plus, you can stay at The Woof Cottages in Nantucket, which is stunning in itself, and then head down to Cape Cod, which has some great trails, some great history, and beautiful beaches as far as the eye can see.

Mutt Lynch Winery

Yes, this is a winery in California that not only encourages people to take tours with their dogs, but have wines named after our canine friends. We have been huge fans ever since we first took the tour a few years back and left with a bottle of Merlot Over. Go out to Cali with the pups on a road trip, and go grab some high quality wine when you get there. That sound like an awesome weekend to us.

Lake Tahoe

We already plugged a California trip in the entry above, so why not start out at the winery, and end up here, just four hours outside of San Francisco. There is, literally, a little bit of everything, and something for everyone at Lake Tahoe, and the best part is, they encourage you bringing your pets along to share in the paradise with you. Something your dogs will undoubtedly appreciate, rather than being locked in a kennel while you have the fun, all by yourself.


While you may not be able to spend the entire time in the park with your dog, Disney has luxury animal spa, Best Friends Pat Care, and this is some pretty high living for your dog, so may not be the worst thing to consider. Plus, don’t you think he needs a massage for all the sitting around he does? Yes, so does he, so splurge. your dog has earned it.

Meet me at the O.C. Pet Expo this weekend!!! You can also run on the dogPACER at Pet-A-Poolaza in Las Vegas!

Bella & Jim Snyder

Bella with Jim Snyder from My News 3

Look at me…I am posing with Jim Snyder from My New 3 at the dogPACER office!! I was one happy dog yesterday…I was filmed for a 6pm news segment with Jim Snyder!! Can you believe how much press we are getting? I can’t stop wagging my tail and BOL!! Barking Out Loud 🙂

It was such a fun day in the dogPACER office. Jim Snyder brought his camera man and one of his dogs, Norman into the dogPACER office to do a story on the dogPACER dog treadmill after he met me at a Las Vegas pet expo. He was skeptical at first, then he saw how much his dog enjoyed running on the treadmill and heard all of the great benefits and he just had to do a story on us!!

Norman came with him yesterday. He told us how he adopted Norman right before he was to be put down (I don’t like to say the “K” word….grrr…). He is such a great dad to Norman and his other dog, Ringo! Like BINGO but with an R… 🙂 Woof, woofie…

The news segment on dogPACER with me and Jim Snyder will air at 6:00pm on May 3rd. Have your parents mark the calendar, set the DVR and grab some treats so you can watch the fun and your parents can learn how amazing the dogPACER dog treadmill is…make sure to wag your tail and beg for your own dogPACER!!!

I am busy packing the car to hit the road and go to Orange County!! This weekend is the world’s largest pet expo in the OC…BOL, BOL! 🙂

Make sure to tell you parents to bring you to the pet expo and you can meet me and have a picture taken with me and you can run on the dogPACER!! I promise, you will LOVE IT!!!

Here is the link to all of the information your parents need about the expo.

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Prada with her mom Tera...look how easy the dogPACER fits in a car

Prada with her mom Tera...look how easy the dogPACER fits in a car