“To Crate or Not To Crate, That Is The Question”

The answer is dependent on the person and the dog

The answer is dependent on the person and the dog

It is never easy. To have to look your dogs in the eye and crate it either before you leave or before you go to bed. Some people feel it is cruel, like putting a dog into jail. Others see it is reasonable, because the dog rips and chews and tears things apart in their absence. So what is the right thing to do for your dog? Sadly, there is no right answer.

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“Some More Scary Facts About Obesity and Dogs”

Poor guys just needs to drop a few pounds is all

Poor guys just needs to drop a few pounds is all

Did you know that being overweight and the health problems associated with it are the number one pressing health issue with dogs right now? The problem does not just lie the fact that dogs are getting larger. While that in itself is a problem, the real problem is the plethora of health issues that go along with a dog being overweight. We are not just talking about getting slower or as some people so rudely say, fatter. No, we are talking about genuine health issues that can kill them. That is exactly why dogPACER exists. To ensure you know this, and know all you can do to prevent it.

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Mourning a Loss: Why You Never Actually Replace A Dog

They may pass on, but they live on forever in our hearts and memories.

They may pass on, but they live on forever in our hearts and memories.

As sad as it makes us to say, the loss of a dog is part of being a dog lover. But what you can’t forget is that death is very much a part of any aspect of life. And if the fear of losing a dog is enough to keep someone from getting one, how do those people have relationships with anyone? Loss is a part of love, and considering our life spans, it is safe to assume that, at one point, you will experience the loss of a dog. Whether it is old age or an accident, nothing prepares us for that loss, but we wanted to address a myth that seems to surround dog owners and the passing of a dog. The act of replacing the dog. The reality is, one never REPLACES a dog, and we need to lose that term from our vernacular.

There are just certain things about dog owning people need to take into consideration, and factoring in the sadness you may experience from a loss is fine, but letting the fear of that loss keep you from experiencing a dog’s love is not. We all go through loss, and that is a part of life, but we all tend to cope with it differently. The main thing we want to address here is how some people say the word “replace” when it comes to getting a new dog after another dog passes, and how sad and unfair a term that is for both the owner AND the dog.

A dog, very much like a person, has a distinct personality. And even though some breeds share characteristics, they are all wonderfully unique creatures that display their own personality once you are exposed to them for extended periods. For that reason, we never replace a dog. We simply find a new dog to save (or have save us) and we commence the next chapter of our lives, which is exactly what our canine friends would want us to do.

If you had a friend who lost their husband, and five years later, they met someone new and fell in love, would you tell them you were happy they found a good husband replacement? Than why is it okay for people to say that about dogs?

We can completely understand that dogs can be a financial investment, so people may be thinking “dog” in the same terms they think “stereo”, but the irony is, you replace a stereo, but you don’t replace a dog. You simply move on with your life, and that doesn’t reflect poorly on anyone or any dog owner. The fact of the matter here is everyone mourns differently, and there is no right or wrong length or way to mourn. The key here is to for the public to be more sensitive with dealing with other’s loss, even if they don’t understand it.

And please, for the sake of us AND the dogs, stop using the word replace. You can never replace unconditional love.

A Heart Warming Story of True Love and Dog Loyalty

Cute, loyal, and loving. What it there NOT to love about dogs?

Cute, loyal, and loving. What it there NOT to love about dogs?

Imagine if you brought your dog to travel with you on vacation, miles away, and you somehow lost that dog, yet still had to fly back without it? How Would that make you feel as a dog owner and a dog lover? You would feel awful, right? And knowing you had to go home without that little pups bringing you joy would be heart breaking, for any of us. But imagine if you went home, settled in to the lonely routine of a life without a dog, and suddenly, you heard a barking and a scratching at the door? A barking and scratching you recognized. You rush over, open the dog, and there, tail wagging, is the dog you lost on vacation. Can you imagine the odds of that happening? Well, scratch those odds from your mind because, believe it or not, a story like this is not wholly uncommon when it comes to dogs. Take the story of Max, the terrier that was separated by almost a 100 miles, yet that did little in terms of keeping him from making it back to his family.

Though the  family seemed sure their dog Max was gone forever. You see, they had gotten into a (very minor) car accident with Max in the car in Conneticut, and as a result, Max had gotten scared and ran of to the woods through the trunk in the back of the car. The family was absolutely besides themselves, wracked with sadness and guilt that there canine counterpart was not going to be in their world anymore, making it brighter and better. But if you know anything about us, you know THAT’S not the end of the story.

One Tuesday, week later, the Father came home from work early to do some yard work, and saw Max, standing in the back yard, like he had never left in the first place. The family was all notified and the reunion was all tears and tail wagging. The story is that Max had traveled over fifty miles (in an elaborate journey, some points, even having to swim)  to make it back home. Many people hear stories about stuff like this and wonder how the dogs do it. Truth is, the love between a human and a dog is about a sacred a love as is available in all the world, and while it does blow our mind, we also understand that loyalty and love are just two of the thousands of reasons why owning a dog will change your life, and the life of everyone who interacts with it. We may talk about keeping your dog fit and happy but we all know why we are here, our dogs are the ones who keep US happy, that is the ultimate gift of all.

Two more days…I am excited for Thanksgiving!! Geralynn and the dogPACER on The Doctors TV show!

The holidays are here. Decorations, family and friends coming over and a lot of cooking for the family. Well, I don’t cook…or eat all of the Thanksgiving treats…but I still have fun. I was reading a blog about Thanksgiving food…it all sounds yummy…but wow is that stuff fattening. I can’t let my slim dog body go over food…Woofie, woof…

Luckily, my dad gives me healthy treats and bones…and if I do get to splurge, I always have my dogPACER to exercise on…as a spokesmodel dog for the dogPACER, I must be in great shape. Ahhh….the life of a model…B.O.L. I love my job!!

I know you have read about Geralynn, our certified dog trainer…well she was featured on the daytime show, The Doctors!! We are all so proud of her!


They showed some dogs in the dogPACER office in one of Geralynn’s classes. Woofie!!

If you haven’t been to our Facebook pages yet…I wanted to share with you again! We have so much great information, photos, videos and more on there. And I am always on our social media pages reading messages and meeting new dog friends.



I hope all of my dog friends have a fun Thanksgiving with their families and friends!!! Don’t forget to remind your parents that the Christmas stock of dogPACER and Minipacer treadmills are in!! They make a perfect Christmas present!!

Go to www.dogpacer.com to have them order yours today!

Doggercize at the dogPACER office!!! Calling all dog friends…you have to join our new exercise class!!

It’s another great day in the dogPACER office. Our trainer…and one of my favorite humans, Geralynn has started teaching Doggercize (dog Jazzercize) classes in the dogPACER office. Wow and woof…this is another fun way to get some exercise in and it is just as fun as rolling in the mud!

Perk up your ears because you are going to love this…every Wednesday at 6:00pm and Saturdays at 10:00am, PST, we are hosting Doggercize classes in the dog training room in the dogPACER office. Not only will you be able to join me in a fun exercise class, you can try your skills on the dogPACER or Minipacer dog treadmills.

Here are the details you need to give to your parents…make sure to give them a big lick and puppy dog eyes…it works for me everytime! 🙂

Doggercize is ideal for everyone who knows the need to exercise themselves and their pet, while teaching simple obedience lessons that help to relieve anxiety, separation anxiety, aggressive behavior, barking, licking, chewing, to name a few. Doggercize basic classes, all supervised by a dog trainer, get your hea

rt rate going with a regimen of simple, fat-burning exercises that are easy to do. 

More advanced Doggercize classes (“Boot Camp” style) are for the more serious exercise fanatics and their more active pets.

Our Doggercize Program involves four classes, the first of which is “Paw”tiquitte, an introductory class on the ABC’s of pet care the Paw-fect Way. 

The following is a brief description of the other three classes:

Yo-Dog-a; Primarily Seated Yoga stretches designed for you and your dog.

Doggy and Puppy Pull-a-lotties; Train your dog to not pull on the leash while you enjoy an overall body workout!

Retrieve and Burn; Train your dog to fetch in between interval training routines.

Doggercize will also help:

-Improve communication with your pet
-Improve pet socialization and proper behavior with other animals and people
-Boost yours and your pets mental and physical fitness, preventing obesity
-Improve or assist to create self discipline and control for you and your best friend!
-Train you in the best methods of care for your furry best friend

These classes are coached by Geralynn Cada, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Las Vegas Dog Guru and founder of Doggercize! You will also receive fitness training and dog coaching tips via email, a daily journal, nutritional guidance for you and your pet, and personal support from Geralynn and other members of her pet and people fitness team!

Get fit with your best friend!

Find out more about Geralynn Cada, and her dog training at www.GCUnleashed.com.

If you haven’t met Geralynn, go to her website and read all about her. You can also see some great photos and video of her with the dogPACER and Minipacer.
I hope you will join us for a class soon!

Happy Veterans Day!! I am probably the only dog that loves Monday!

After a fun and relaxing weekend, I was excited to go back to the dogPACER office and get to work. We are busier than ever since the launch of the Minipacer and with the growing dogPACER dog treadmill fans and owners!! I make sure everyone in the office is doing their jobs…B.O.L.

I started my morning with a great run on my dogPACER then it was straight to my desk to catch up on my email, my Social Media Accounts and approving new photos of me…as the dogPACER spokesdog, I like to make sure I look my coat is shiny and perfect… I have a woofunderful job!!

I love our new office…we have so much space, a training center that dogs can come with their parents to try out the dogPACER or Minipacer, or take training classes with our certified trainer, Geralynn.

I also join in the classes to help Geralynn…I make sure to have my paw in everything with dogPACER…woofie…

I’ve been barking to my online dog friends all day…they are making their holiday lists for their parents and so many of them want a dogPACER or Minipacer dog treadmill as a gift. I give them tips on behaving, rolling over, dog kisses, begging and best trick…the puppy-dog eyes…they always work for me! B.O.L.

I hope everyone had a great Monday…I will be bark-blogging again soon! Enjoy the picture of my dog friends from the last class we had in the office!


Hope you’re having a woofunderful weekend!!!

Wagging my tail, running around, playing fetch and going on car rides…yep, I am one lucky dog!!! I love the weekends!! Whether if I am running on my dogPACER dog treadmill or having fun with my dad, I always love the weekends!!

Today there is a huge adoption events in Las Vegas today that our trainer, Geralynn is helping with. There are so many adorable dogs that really need new forever homes. If you live in the Vegas area you should stop by!! Tell all of your parents and friends!!

I am also so excited that Instagram launched a web-based tool that anyone who does not have an Instagram account can go to and see all of the fun photos I have from all of my fun adventures with the dogPACER and Minipacer.

Here is the link: http://instagram.com/dogpacer

If you haven’t friended me on Facebook, you are missing out on fun photos, videos and stories of all of the great things happening with dogPACER!!

Go to Facebook and LIKE my page…you can also meet so many of my dog friends and other dogs that come by the dogPACER office for training classes and to try out the our dog treadmills. https://www.facebook.com/dogpacersocial

Here is the information on the adoption event today!!! I’m going for a fun car ride…ready to go have some more weekend fun!!!

I love the weekend…extra time with my dad, fun weekend trips hiking and meeting new dog friends! Also…set your clocks back an hour tomorrow!

I don’t know about you, but I love the weekends. Sometimes I am going to local adoption events in Las Vegas or other cities with the dogPACER and the Minipacer…one of my favorite things to do…I love meeting so many dogs and letting them try running and walking on our dog treadmills.

Many weekends, when the weather isn’t too hot or cold, I get to go on car rides with my dad to the mountains to go for hikes or to play in the snow (yes, it snows near Vegas). Woof, woof!

I meet so many dogs on the trails that love hiking, jogging and exploring the mountains and fun areas during the fall. The leaves are so nice and the weather, especially with my thick coat, is perfect when it is cool or cold. I do not care for the heat as much. Luckily, I don’t have to wear coats or dog shoes when I walk…B.O.L. 🙂

With the weather getting colder, many dogs were sending me messages about how bored they were stuck indoors all day or night…their parents are getting colds or the flu or the weather is too bad for them to go outside…but now that more people are learning about the advantages of owning a dogPACER or Minipacer dog treadmill, I am starting to get fun videos and photos from those same dogs that are so happy that they are able to exercise indoors anytime, no matter if their parents are sick, if it is too cold or hot outside, or now, with the time change, it is going to start getting dark sooner and many dog friends don’t like going on long walks or run in the dark…now they can exercise anytime!!! Woofie!!

A friendly reminder to your parents, make sure to bark and rollover to remind them to set their clocks back an hour tomorrow!! Fall is officially here…


Hoping all of my dog friends on the East Coast are safe through Hurricane Sandy! Happy Halloween dog friends!

I’ve been reading all of the posts about the horrible things happening in New York and surrounding cities. I just visited New York and I hope all of my dog friends and their families are safe. Storms are scary for most dogs in general, I am sure this is worse for so many dogs. I hope they have a safe place to relax during through all of the storms. For those that are affected, I have seen some heartwarming photos of firemen and policemen rescuing dogs that are stuck…I am so happy there are so many people that help rescue the pets and families that are affected by the storm.


I also want to wish all of my dog friends a Happy Halloween. Today can be both fun and scary for us dogs…our parents love to dress us up in silly costumes and post photos of us on Facebook and other social media sites. Ok, this can be fun…I just love seeing my dog friends in fun costumes…on the other side of the tail, some of the costumes that kids and adults wear can really scare me. Luckily, my dad lets me go in a safe place when people are around with scary costumes. I also exercised a lot already on my dogPACER so that I can rest and nap with all of the craziness of Halloween. Don’t get my bark wrong, I do like Halloween…but sometimes I just get overwhelmed…so I am going to rest today and let the humans play. 🙂

I had to share this photo of my of my best dog friends, Mac. His parents dressed him up and took a photo that they entered in a contest. He loves dressing up and I hope he wins…Good luck, Mac! Mac loves exercising on the dogPACER and now the Minipacer dog treadmills. His parents sell them in their dog boutique, The Dog House.