Some Simple Tips For Dog Adoption

Aw, it's like a dog Conga line!

Aw, it’s like a dog Conga line!

It brings joy to our heart to know just how many dogs get adopted from shelters a year. While there needs to be more people looking into adoption (give some old dogs some new hope, people), we thought it might be wise of us to give some new dog owners some tips about adopting dogs, be it from shelters or rescue groups. The process is relatively painless, and with some simple steps, you can ensure it is as easy as pie for you and your new dog.

First thing, don’t just pick a dog blind. Go to your local shelter and spend some time with the rescues. You will see, much like when you choose a dog from a breeder, that there will be the perfect dog there that matches your energy and what you are looking for. As much as the instinct as a dog lover is to save every dog, the best thing you can do is ensure you are taking a dog into your home so it will be a good fit for not only you are your family, but for the dog as well.

Next up, make sure to introduce the dog to your home properly. You need to be the alpha of the pack if you are introducing the dog to your new home. Let them know it is your space, but allow them the space to be curious and to learn at their own pace. Remember, this is not just new for you, this is new for the dog, too, so have patience.

And last and most important, lots of love. We know it sounds a little simple, but really, there is a chance, if the dog is being rescued or adopted, that is didn’t come from the best life, so lots of love and lots of patience is really important to help them transition into their new life.

A life they would have never gotten had you not chosen to adopt, so take a moment in between petting him to pat yourself on the back, too.

Hope you’re having a woofunderful weekend!!!

Wagging my tail, running around, playing fetch and going on car rides…yep, I am one lucky dog!!! I love the weekends!! Whether if I am running on my dogPACER dog treadmill or having fun with my dad, I always love the weekends!!

Today there is a huge adoption events in Las Vegas today that our trainer, Geralynn is helping with. There are so many adorable dogs that really need new forever homes. If you live in the Vegas area you should stop by!! Tell all of your parents and friends!!

I am also so excited that Instagram launched a web-based tool that anyone who does not have an Instagram account can go to and see all of the fun photos I have from all of my fun adventures with the dogPACER and Minipacer.

Here is the link:

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Go to Facebook and LIKE my page…you can also meet so many of my dog friends and other dogs that come by the dogPACER office for training classes and to try out the our dog treadmills.

Here is the information on the adoption event today!!! I’m going for a fun car ride…ready to go have some more weekend fun!!!

I love the weekend…extra time with my dad, fun weekend trips hiking and meeting new dog friends! Also…set your clocks back an hour tomorrow!

I don’t know about you, but I love the weekends. Sometimes I am going to local adoption events in Las Vegas or other cities with the dogPACER and the Minipacer…one of my favorite things to do…I love meeting so many dogs and letting them try running and walking on our dog treadmills.

Many weekends, when the weather isn’t too hot or cold, I get to go on car rides with my dad to the mountains to go for hikes or to play in the snow (yes, it snows near Vegas). Woof, woof!

I meet so many dogs on the trails that love hiking, jogging and exploring the mountains and fun areas during the fall. The leaves are so nice and the weather, especially with my thick coat, is perfect when it is cool or cold. I do not care for the heat as much. Luckily, I don’t have to wear coats or dog shoes when I walk…B.O.L. 🙂

With the weather getting colder, many dogs were sending me messages about how bored they were stuck indoors all day or night…their parents are getting colds or the flu or the weather is too bad for them to go outside…but now that more people are learning about the advantages of owning a dogPACER or Minipacer dog treadmill, I am starting to get fun videos and photos from those same dogs that are so happy that they are able to exercise indoors anytime, no matter if their parents are sick, if it is too cold or hot outside, or now, with the time change, it is going to start getting dark sooner and many dog friends don’t like going on long walks or run in the dark…now they can exercise anytime!!! Woofie!!

A friendly reminder to your parents, make sure to bark and rollover to remind them to set their clocks back an hour tomorrow!! Fall is officially here…


Happy Saturday…what kind of dog tricks do you do to get treats on Howl-O-Ween? Also…MUST READ…ROCKY NEEDS A NEW FOREVER HOME!

Do you fetch frisbee’s, balls or toys and bring them back to your parents? Or are you a sit and stay or play dead kind of dog? Woofie… All of my dog friends are so talented…and for our tricks, we love getting treats! 🙂

I know I just do my 45 minutes of exercise on my dogPACER and get on and off the treadmill when I am told “treadmill”…I always get a healthy treat after my workout! Yes, I am a spoiled dog!

I have barked to many of you about my good friend, Rocky! He is a rescued wiener dog that is living with our certified trainer, Geralynn. She has been helping Rocky to loose weight and get healthy with a healthy diet and daily workouts on the Minipacer. Rocky is a great dog that is so happy that he is now able to move around and walk normally.

Rocky is healthy enough to find a new family to live with. He is available for adoption and the dogPACER team is working hard to find the perfect family to give him the love and attention he deserves.

Rocky loves attention, he is trained and loves daily workouts on the Minipacer and showing off his skills. You can go to this link to learn more about Rocky and read his amazing story.

You can also contact Geralynn directly or call our office at 702-696-9999. If you have any questions, you can also contact anyone at the dogPACER office at [email protected]

I promise, you will love Rocky! He also loves dressing up and meeting new dogs and people. I will miss him, but I know he deserves a good family to live with after all he has been through.

Happy Howl-O-Ween!!



Woofie…what a great way to start Adopt A Shelter Dog Month!! Read about my new friend, Maggie!!!

I received the best letter from Maggie and her new mommy today! Maggie is a rescued dog. She was rescued 5 years ago by her new loving family in Florida. At 8 years old, Maggie was living a great life…but she was becoming a couch potato and the weight was coming on.

Maggie’s parent bought her a Minipacer recently to give her the extra exercise she needs to stay healthy and loose those extra pounds. At first, Maggie wasn’t sure about the Minipacer and having the ground moving under her feet. After a little patience and training from her mom, Maggie is up and running on the Minipacer and loving it!

Her family can not stop thanking us or raving about the Minipacer. We are pretty proud of this mini machine too. Like I always bark, it may be mini, but the power is mighty. Everyone loves how quiet the Minipacer dog treadmill is and how perfect the compact size is for smaller dogs.

I felt this story was the perfect way to remind all of my friends that October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! I am adopted and many of my dogPACER and Minipacer friends are adopted or rescued.

If you and your family are thinking about adding a new doggie addition to the family, October would be a great month to do it! Have your parents contact the local shelter or rescue organizations to help find the perfect companion for you and your family. And don’t forget, if you have extra weight to loose or just want another fun way to exercise from the comfort of your home, the dogPACER or the Minipacer dog treadmills are perfect for you!



October is “Adopt A Shelter Dog” Month!! dogPACER and Minipacer are proud supporters of adoption and our dog treadmills are used in several adoption agencies.

With so many dogs up for adoption, I always love to bark about the importance of adopting shelter dogs. I have met so many wonderful shelter dogs while working at dogPACER. Our dog treadmill is used by FUPI (Foreclosed Upon Pets, Inc.), Best Friends Animal Society, and many other rescue and training facilities.

The dogPACER, and now the Minipacer, have become staples at many facilities to train these rescued dogs, help them loose some extra weight they may have or to simply get them in tip-top shape before being adopted out to their new forever homes.

Our dog treadmill has been recognized in several news articles for helping shelter or foster dogs loose weight or being obedience trained so that potential new families can feel comfortable bringing them home to a new environment.

I receive emails from dog friends sharing their success stories and telling me how much they love the dogPACER and Minipacer. I have to wag my tail and agree…this really is a woofderful (yes, I made up my own word…B.O.L.) product that can save lives and make both our parents and us happy!! 🙂

For more information on the dogPACER or the Minipacer dog treadmills, visit our website (don’t forget to check out the videos of me on the dogPACER).

Link to one of my videos…


The dog days of summer are here…but I am staying cool and fit while running indoors on my dogPACER!

I am glad dogs only have sweat glands between our paws or I would be dripping in sweat from these “dog days of summer”…woof, it is hot and muggy outside! Luckily, I am staying cool inside with the air conditioner on high!

During these hot days I am so lucky I have a pool to swim in to keep cool and a dogPACER dog treadmill to get my exercise on indoors. I would have to put my paw down if my dad tried to take me on a hike or a run in this miserable heat. Grufff….

San Diego has some of the best weather on the west coast but it still gets too hot for many of my dog friends. My new dog friends, Mya and Mannix begged and licked their dad until he bought them their own dogPACER to exercise on inside during these hot and wet months.

Mya has also had some major surgeries on her hip and has a tough time walking up the stairs to her front door after going for walks in the afternoon. Sometimes she just lays at the bottom of the stairs because it hurts too much or she is too tired to walk up the stairs. Her dad carries her up or they walk around to the back of the house so she can walk inside easier. Her brother, Mannix is young and full of energy and wears Mya out. She loves him…but he is younger…and a boy. B.O.L. 🙂

After telling Mya how the dogPACER dog treadmill would be great to help wear Mannix out between walks or trips to the park, she started begging her dad for a dogPACER. Mya also needed something to help when her hip is hurting too much to go on long walks with Mannix or play fetch at the park. She and her dad knew that the dogPACER was the perfect solution for her and her brother!

Mya and Mannix are both adopted and so happy they have such an awesome dad (like I do)…as I always bark…rescued dogs are the BEST!! Wooof!

The guy with the big white truck is coming on Monday to pick up the dogPACER and send it to Mya’s home in San Diego…I licked the label myself…woof, woof…

So many dogs are able to enjoy these “dog days of summer” thanks to their loving parents and being able to exercise inside or swim in pools, lakes and oceans. Woooooffff….I think I will start rolling over and begging my dad to let me go swimming today…time to get wet!

Make sure to give your parents the link to the dogPACER website to order your dog treadmill!! I promise…you will love it too!!

Here is a picture that Mya sent me of her and her brother Mannix…they are so excited to get their dogPACER….enjoy!

It’s Friday!! Happy Friday…I have so many emails from dogs that love exercising on their dogPACER dog treadmill! See the fun photos!

I am such a popular dog…I love all of the great emails I am receiving from dog friends that are enjoying exercising on their dogPACER dog treadmills. I am also so happy that dog friends that are available for adoption are running on our dog treadmill to get in shape and show off their skills for the parents that are looking to adopt. I had to share some fun photos of dogs from the FUPI (Foreclosed Upon Pets, Inc.) group in Las Vegas. This group is so great, they rescue pets that were left in the homes that owners abandoned after their home was foreclosed on…can you imagine? 🙁 You can see the pets available for adoption on the FUPI Facebook page…make sure to bark the information to your family and friends!!

I am always happy to help rescue and rehabilitation groups and my dad is just as committed to rescue efforts!! My dad and his business partner, Yaniv go to one or more rescue events a month to help raise awareness and funds for the wonderful organizations that rescue animals and help them find new forever homes.

I also got to go to The Dog House, one of my favorite dog boutiques in Las Vegas! They love me there…woof, woof! They have fun events that parents bring us dogs to so we can socialize, shop, snack on yummy and healthy treats…and run on the dogPACER dog treadmill!! The Dog House spokesdog, Mac is tons of fun and loves meeting new dog friends and showing off his skills running and jogging on the dogPACER.

Check out their page on Facebook too!!

Have a fun and safe weekend!! Make sure to keep cool in the summer sun!! Woof, woof!!