Human Foods That Actually Benefit Dogs

A carrot makes a great healthy treat for dogs.

There are plenty of healthy human foods you can give to dogs for as a treat.

We all know that a dog’s diet is not quite as discerning as it should be, and this can lead to potential health problems down the road for the dog. And while we are often told not to give dogs human food for various health reasons, people seem to be in the dark about certain human foods that actually can benefit a dog. We thought we would take a moment to shine a light on some foods you may have in your fridge that are a tasty and healthy treat for your canine friends. Remember, as with any treat you give dogs, the key is giving them these treats in moderation.

First off, we need to shout out to peanut butter. Though most people have been giving it to their dogs as treats for years (because they are so cute when they eat peanut butter), let’s not forget it’s also a high protein treat that is good for your dog AND delicious.

While many would not think dogs and green beans would be a good combo, dogs tend to gobble them up when they are given to them frozen, and green beans are high in vitamin C and vitamin K, as well as plant fiber, which can be great for the dog’s digestive tract.

Oatmeal is a great treat, especially for older dogs looking for more bowel consistency, which can be a problem when a dog begins to age. Always remember, feed the oatmeal to them cooked, and with no sugar or flavoring. In other words, real oatmeal, and not that sugar-filled flavored kinds that people give to their kids. That would only cause the dogs more problems.

Baby carrots are a great treat for dogs. They are good for their teeth, low in calories, and high in fiber. And dogs tend to really enjoy the workout they get from eating them frozen, so bust out a few of these in summer time and let them go to work.

Cooked salmon will not only be something your dog will LOVE, but the omega-3 fatty acids do wonders for their coats. Even if you don’t give salmon regularly, consider adding salmon oil to their daily food intake, and see how much softer and shinier their coat gets over time.

Remember, next time you go to give your dog a treat, think about giving them something they will love that is also good for them. Most likely, most of the stuff listed here is already in your fridge or cabinet, and is just another thing you and your dog have in common. Human foods can be good for dogs, but make sure you give them the right foods.

The Benefits Of Our Dog Treadmills

All the best dogs agree, our dog treadmills are second to none.

All the best dogs agree, our dog treadmills are second to none.

Often, here at dogPACER, we address basic dog issues, and try to fill in our readers on the things they can do the ensure their dog has a long, happy life, but rarely do we plug ourselves directly. But truth be told, we feel like this would be a great opportunity for us to tell you a little bit more about just how beneficial our dog treadmills are, and how they can vastly improve your dog’s life, which in turn, improves yours.

While we can understand that some people may snicker when they first hear the term dog treadmill, the reality is there are multiple ways a dogPACER treadmill can benefit the life of you AND your dog. First off, some people do not account for bad weather when they buy a breed of dog. People who live in London and Seattle, for example, are always dealing with rain. What do you do when you have a very active dog, yet live in a location like that? We’ll give you a hint: doggie treadmill.

Another unfortunate example for us to cite is the idea of an unforeseen tragedy. What happens if you are suddenly limited in your own ability to take your dog for walks or for epic games of catch? We have received countless letters thanking us for our product from people who told us that the treadmills kept their dogs healthy and happy when they were unable to, for various reasons. That alone gives us the fuel to keep doing what we are doing, because our ultimate goal here is to improve the quality of life for not only your dog, but you as well.

And finally, there are certain breeds of dogs that pretty much exude constant energy (dalmatians, for example), and if they don’t get a way to manage that energy correctly, could result in them taking out some of that energy out on your home itself. While this may seem a minor point, you come home to a torn up leather couch and it’s not so minor anymore. Add to that the dog breeds that are more likely to put on weight and suffer health problems from inactivity, and the benefits of a dogPACER treadmill speak for themselves, and they speak volumes.

And finally, take a moment and go like our Facebook page to be entered to win one of our treadmills, absolutely free. Trust us, your dog will thank you for it.

Another amazing weekend for me and dogPACER!! Dogs, celebrities and fun..oh, woof!

Bella at Cardinals Stadium for Phoenix Pet Expo

Bella at Cardinals Stadium for Phoenix Pet Expo

I had another fun weekend meeting so many dogs and their parents at the Phoenix Pet Expo! Check me out at the Cardinals Stadium!! I was able to go in early and check out this beautiful stadium before the pet expo started.

Dogs were lined up to run on the dogPACER. Yaniv was busy all day getting dogs up and running on the dogPACER. Another successful and fun event!!

My dad, David was in Beverly Hills at The Fluffball. He met celebrities and so many animal lovers at the event to benefit Best Friends Animal Society. He had his picture taken with Lisa Thompson (I am a little jealous..B.O.L.). 🙂

I wanted to meet the celebrities too…but I decided I needed to be at the pet expo so I could meet new dog friends and show my skills on the dogPACER. Woof, woof!



Did I tell you I helped him pick out his suit? I’m such a good dog…and fashionable! 😉

We just keep adding new dogs to the dogPACER pack! You should really tell your parents that you want one…do some tricks, rollover, play dead, bark and howl all about the dogPACER!

I checked my email this morning and was panting with excitement when I received videos from LA Dog Works! They have the dogPACER featured in their front window and we shipped them treadmills to sell in their location.

I also received an email from America’s Forgotten Heroes. They are an amazing organization that rescue and rehabilitate the service dogs…here is a video of Trooper Tahoe on the dogPACER. She is using the dogPACER for rehabilitation after her knee surgery. Careful…you might whimper a bit…she’s a real hero!

I can’t wait to meet the other dogs that use the dogPACER from this great organization! Here is the link to their website.

You can email me your photos too, I love meeting new dogs! [email protected]

Happy Monday!! Here is a photo of Josh from LA Dogworks on the dogPACER. He is handsome…BOL, Woof, woof, woof…