The Story of Sam and Rusty

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Dear dogPACER,

My family heard you guys were taking customer testimonials to how the dogPACER has helped and changed lives, and we felt compelled to tell you guys the story of Sam and Rusty. Sam and Rusty are our two labs we had since they were babies. Sadly, Sam was hit by a car six months ago, and Rusty fell into a real depression. Truth is, we did too. Sam was a part of the family, and it took a huge toll. No bigger was that loss felt then to Rusty, who no longer had a brother to play or go running with. This resulted in Rusty really not wanting to go for walks (or do much of anything) since Sam passed. Rusty was getting bigger, and his age also had us worried to the toll all this would take on his health. Then we heard about your product and decided we had nothing to lose.  Continue reading

How We Helped Saved Betty Blue

All the best dogs agree, our doggie treadmills are second to none.

All the best dogs agree, our doggie treadmills are second to none.

Betty Blue is one of our favorite dogs in the world. She is an American Bulldog with a penchant for long bouts of sleep broken up with intervals in snacking. As I am sure you can imagine, this all came to head when Betty Blue was diagnosed with being overweight. This also put her closer to the risk of heart disease, which has become more and more prevalent in dogs over the last century. This is the story of how dogPACER helped Betty Blue get her health back on track. The reality is, if Betty Blue can do it with our help, any dog can!

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How Well Can My Dog See?

We know how dog's see at dogPACER

We know how dog’s see at dogPACER

We often find ourselves the source of many a great question about dogs here at dogPACER. But sometimes, it is the little kids who have the best questions and manage to catch us off guard. The question you see above is one such example. We met Timothy West at an event we were holding, and he came up and asked us this, but was quickly distracted by Snoogins (one of our editor’s dogs) running on the treadmill, so he walked away before we could answer him. But what a great question, huh? Well, for anyone else wondering, here is the answer.

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How To Best Handle A Dog in Heat

That is not what we mean by being in heat...

That is not what we mean by being in heat…

Though we like to keep the issues at dogPACER light, this has been brought up enough to us in questions and forums that we thought we would take a quick moment to address if for those few dog owners who may not know. The solution is simple, but it requires you acting quickly when they pups are still young. The reality is, unless you are a breeder with breeding in mind, you should spay and neuter your pets as soon as you can.

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The Links Between Bad Weather and Dog Obesity

Healthy dog means happy dog!

Healthy dog means happy dog!

Sometimes, it is simplest facts that people find most astounding. That is the case when we tell people the links between be weather and dog obesity. Did you know that having a dog in locations that are affected by severe weather means your dog is three times more likely to be obese and have health problems than dogs who live in constant climates. Do you know why that is? We are here to tall you.

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An Amazing Story of Dog Survival in Winter

Princessa is a true hero to all dogs at dogPACER.

Princessa is a true hero to all dogs at dogPACER.

Her name was Princessa, and she did what many dogs could not. She escaped out into the early Winter one November, and managed to spend the entire Winter living outside (in Wisconsin of all paces), yet, with the help of worried neighbors and friends, she managed to survive the winter and be reunited with her family come spring. There are multiple reasons this is amazing, and we will tell you them now.

Princessa was an 8 lb chihuahua mix. A dog well known for not doing good in cold weather. They are very prone to weather born illness, so just the fact that she survived was remarkable. How she survived is even more remarkable. People slowly became aware there was a little dog living outside, so they all began to keep watch for her. They would leave out food and things to keep her warm, and somehow, it all managed to work.

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How To Properly Introduce A Dog and a Baby

Fear not, because often times, dogs and babies quickly become best friends.

Fear not, because often times, dogs and babies quickly become best friends.










So you already have a dog, but just found out you are having a baby. What do you do? How do you prepare the dog for the new addition to the family, and ensure that the interactions will be safe? While some of your fears regarding this issue may be justified, for the most part, a dog’s natural instinct is to protect and care for a baby, and often, babies and dogs make the most adorable pair of best friends ever, but here are some basic things to consider when introducing both a dog and a baby to the same space.

First things first, you need to respect the space of whomever came first, so if you are introducing the newborn baby to a dog you have an already established relationship with, it is a smart idea to let the dog know the baby is coming, because the one genuine risk here is that the dog will be getting less attention, based solely on how much attention a newborn requires, and this will sadden the dog. So how do you let the dog know a baby is coming? Believe it or not, simple steps like having a small doll around, and giving the doll attention in front of the dog can make a huge difference in preparing the dog for this new addition to the family. Think about it, if the dog got all your attention, and suddenly it sees that its not as a result of the baby, the dog may get depressed or lethargic, which can be harmful to the dog’s actual health. With a doll around, in your lap a few times a week, the dog will know that this attention is not abnormal because it has been exposed to it and gotten used to it.

Another thing to think about is where the dog and baby will be interacting. Is there space set aside? You want to make sure you are there, but give them a little space to discover each other. Obviously, you want to ensure you have a relationship with the dog so you know its natural tendencies. Obviously, you don’t want to bring a baby around a vicious breed, but in the same breath, breeds are rarely vicious, owners sometimes are. Even Pitbulls were once nanny dogs, mainly used in assisting with infants.

And on a final note, if you have am excitable dog, train it away from jumping and leaping on things, because the one risk you may run is the dog getting too excited and potentially knocking over the baby by jumping near it. But even then, the fear is mostly unfounded, because it would be surprising how even the most massive breeds turn into perfect babysitters around the infant of someone they love. Put your fears to bed, because if you raise a good dog, and raise good children, their interactions will be like something out of a cartoon, both adorable AND rewarding.

dogPACER Debuts Elite Dog Treadmill Line to Aid Veterans and Military Dogs

dogPACER Elite Now Available!

dogPACER Elite Now Available!

dogPACER Debuts Elite Dog Treadmill Line to Aid Veterans and Military Dogs

Dog owners who want to keep their best friends and protectors happy and healthy through supplemental treadmill exercise can now help those who protect our country as well.

dogPACER, a pet lifestyle and wellness company, today announced the debut of the LF3.1 Elite, and the Minipacer Elite, two special edition dog treadmills with a special cause: a portion of proceeds of the two models go to programs to help veterans – both human and canine.

The LF3.1 Elite and Minipacer Elite include camouflage patterned side panels and other unique design features.  Part of the exclusive line’s price includes a $50 donation to military programs. For every model sold, dogPACER matches that donation, for a total of $100.

Both of the company’s founders, David Ezra and Yaniv Rosenberg, served in the military. “This is obviously a cause that’s important to us but also to many of our customers,” Ezra explains. “From wounded soldiers to retired military dogs and more, there are many groups that need funding. We’re proud to be able to contribute in this way.”

The LF3.1 Elite is designed for dogs up to 179 pounds, and the Minipacer Elite is made for dogs up to 55 pounds. The prices for the models are $549 and $529, respectively.

With pet obesity at an all time high, exercise has become key to keeping pets’ weight in check, and helping pets lose life-threatening pounds and helping them stay strong, healthy and happy.

“There are a lot of legitimate reasons why people have a hard time getting their dogs the exercise they need,” Ezra says. “We want to remove those barriers and provide a viable solution to lack of exercise due to weather, time and, sometimes, mobility issues.”

As the highest quality, most affordable dog treadmill on the market, all dogPACER treadmills, including the Elite models, are made of lightweight, sturdy carbon steel. Both sizes are compact. The Minipacer Elite is just 42 inches long and 21.5 inches wide; while the LF3.1 Elite is 76.77 inches long and 27.6 inches wide and folds up for easy storage.

Ezra points out that regular outdoor exercise is still critical to a dog’s well being. “Our treadmills are designed to supplement outdoor time, to ensure dogs can get as much physical activity as they need, year-round, without compromise,” Ezra says. “We’re in the business of improving the lives of dogs and their owners,” he adds, “And with dogPACER’s Elite models, we hope to help improve the lives of our country’s veterans as well.”

 About dogPACER

dogPACER was founded in 2010 to develop the world’s most accessible and affordable dog treadmill, without sacrificing exceptional quality.  The original dogPACER and the minipacer for small dogs, as well as the special edition dogPACER Elite, are made of strong but lightweight carbon steel, designed to hold up to even the toughest work outs. Attractive and user-friendly, dogPACER treadmills have revolutionized the dog treadmill market.  For more information about dogPACER treadmilles and Treat Me, the company’s line of nutritional supplements, please visit

dogPACER Launches Treat Me Canine Supplements

Treat Me HEALTHY is part of the Buy One - Give One promotion!

Treat Me HEALTHY is part of the Buy One – Give One promotion!

dogPACER Launches Treat Me Canine Supplements at Global Pet Expo 2013 -
Unique Buy One, Give One Program Helps Shelter Pets Nationwide

 All dogs deserve optimal health and dogPACER, a pet lifestyle and wellness company, is on a mission to ensure that dogs everywhere – at home and in shelters – feel their best. At Global Pet Expo this week, dogPACER launched Treat Me supplements, an exciting addition to its lifestyle and wellness product line.

dogPACER, which raced onto the pet scene with its high quality, affordable dog treadmills, is now helping customers take a step further in their dogs’ wellness journey with the new Treat Me line.

“Proper nutrition is paramount to a dog’s overall health,” says David Ezra, CEO and co-founder of dogPACER. “Adding Treat Me to our family of products is a natural fit. Our customers are concerned with exercise and good nutrition to help their dogs thrive.”

The Treat Me line, which is available at includes:

Treat Me Healthy – This multivitamin offers over 35 essential vitamins and minerals to aid in digestion and boost your dog’s immune system and overall wellness. Delicious chicken liver flavored, sugar free chews come in three sizes for small, medium and large dogs.

Treat Me Calm – For dogs that need to “chill out,” Treat Me Calm is a unique blend of all-natural ingredients to help with hyperactivity, anxiety and nervousness. Sugar free, chicken liver flavored chews are available in two sizes: for dogs up to 25 pounds and for dogs over 25 pounds.

Treat Me Hip – This supplement provides a superior blend of Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin to help with your dog’s every day comfort and help him maintain mobility and flexibility.  Treat Me Hip comes in sugar free chicken liver flavored chews in three sizes for small, medium and large dogs.

Dedicated to the health and well being of all pets, dogPACER launched Treat Me with an innovative “Buy One, Give One” program to help dogs in need. For every package of Treat Me Healthy multivitamins sold, dogPACER will donate another package to an organization within its shelter and rescue network.

“We’re particularly excited about this aspect of the Treat Me program,” Ezra says. “Many dogs in shelters struggle with their health, often due to poor nutrition. The best way to get these dogs into their forever homes is to help them look and feel their best. Balancing their diet with Treat Me multivitamins can go a long way in helping them get back to their optimal health as soon as possible.”

For more information about Treat Me products, please visit:

 About dogPACER

dogPACER was founded in 2010 to promote health and wellness for dogs worldwide. First, they developed the world’s most accessible and affordable dog treadmill to help more dogs get the exercise they need.  The original dogPACER and the Minipacer for small dogs, are made of superior quality, lightweight carbon steel, designed to hold up to even the toughest work outs. In 2013, dogPACER launched Treat Me, a high quality line of supplements and vitamins, along with an innovative Buy One, Give One program. For every bag of Treat Me supplements sold, dogPACER donates one bag of Treat Me Healthy multivitamins to dogs in need.  For more information about dogPACER, please visit

The Perils of Having A Corpulence Dog

corpulence dog








The reality of taking care of a dog is you should treat as you would a human. You love it, and you allow it the exercise and attention it needs to maintain a healthy and long life. While some gaze at an overweight dog, and that dog may illicit a chuckle, would seeing someone with an overweight child garner the same response? Most likely not, because people look at that as mistreating the child and setting the child up with potential health issues as an adult, and there is nothing humorous about that. Thing is, it works the exact same for a dog.

What we need to do as a society is learn to hold the owners of overweight dogs to the same standard we seem to hold the parents of overweight children. Reality is, both have the same outcome. You see, the act of gaining weight has a very similar response in a dog’s body as it does a human’s. Everything from breathing problems, to bone problems, and even some things as severe as a stroke, can happen in dogs when they gain too much weight , just like human beings.

But just like humans, there are simple and inexpensive solutions that can be worked out and can really help address the issue long term. From basic exercise daily, to feeding the dog a diet that is high in protein and not in fat, simple things can make a huge difference to the dog’s health, as well as its appearance. And while there may be a great number of people who have excuses on why they don’t have time to exercise their dogs, you need to learn to make time. It will benefit you both in immeasurable ways.

We treat the humans we love with that level of grace and dignity, and it is time we start doing the same for our dogs.