The Importance of Exercise

Coco & Bella_dogPACER Treadmill_1It is a topic that we hear all the time as pet owners but so often our lives get in the way and taking the time to keep our four-legged friends fit and healthy can be forgotten. This post is just a friendly reminder of the importance of exercise!

Dogs need to use-up the energy running around their body!

Studies have shown that dogs that aren’t receiving regular exercise find other ways to use up their energy, and you might not like them! Regular exercise can help to reduce or eliminate common behavior problems, such as digging, excessive barking, chewing and hyperactivity.

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Simple Steps Towards Having A Healthy Dog

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Even people who are dog lovers tend to get shocked when they hear about the bevvy of health problems that can affect a dog if they are not properly taken care of. And we are not just speaking of worms and mange, or other problems that seem animal specific. Believe it or not, we are talking about heart attacks and strokes. Yes, that’s right. As fun as it may be the feed your dog every table scrap he begs for, you are perpetuating a huge problem that could just cost your dog its life. There are some truly simple steps that can be taken to avoid these tragedies, and we are here to ensure you are more aware of those steps.

First and the most obvious ways to avoid this is to take your dogs for walks and runs. Every day, no excuses. Even if running is something you despise, in getting a dog, you had to know you were willing to sacrifice your own comfort to ensure the longevity of this new found friend. Even the act of having a fenced in yard can make all the difference to the dog, and to your life, as a result. As long as that dog has time set aside every day to run and play, and just generally, be a dog, than you are adding years to that dog’s life. And in that off chance you don’t have enough free time to take the dogs for walks, there are still amazing ways to ensure that your dog doesn’t get so fat it runs the risk of a stroke. One may not know that dog treadmills are an option, but they are. And in many ways, they are the best option for ensuring a healthy dog, if you can’t walk it yourself, hourly, every day.

To some, it may seem silly talking about dog strokes and dog treadmills, but do you know just how widespread the problem is? The truth of the matter is far more heart breaking than most would think. Take this story for example. And that is but one story in the sea of hundreds of thousands of stories. So now you know, and you know what you need to do to avoid it, so why are there still so many people who allow their dogs to get fat and unhealthy?.

The sad truth is, we will never really have an answer for that. And the other reality is, we cannot allow ourselves to focus solely on that aspect of animal upbringing, because there are millions upon millions of people who adore their dogs, and treat them right. And in case you may think that your dog doesn’t want to exercise, watch this video and you realize, not only do they want to go for a walk, it is their instinct, and when they put their mind to it, nothing can stop them. Nothing except a lazy human, that is. Don’t be that lazy human. If you want to be lazy yourself, that is fine, there is little we can do. But being lazy can negatively affect your dog’s life and health, so remember that next time you want make an excuse to not walk your dog.

Or even better, just buy it a dog treadmill, and you can be as lazy as you want without ruining the dog’s life. Seems fair to us.

Enter Our FURever Love Sweepstakes With TAGG

Are you ready to win some awesome prizes in our contest?

Are you ready to win some awesome prizes in our contest?

Alright, dog lovers, time for a sweepstakes!

DogPacer, in association with TAGG (known for their amazing pet tracking devices) is holding a contest over at this Facebook page to win a Dogtracker with twelve months of service, AND a dogPACER Treadmill, to keep your dog fit and happy.

Entry is as simple as “Liking” two pages on Facebook, and the payoff is pretty massive for you dog lovers. TAGG is known for their pet tracking devices which have reunited countless people with their missing pets using simple GPS technology, but applying that technology in ways it has never been used before. They are a true port in the storm for pet owners, and we are happy to be working with them.

The other prize is one of our doggie treadmills, which is a great way to ensure your dog stays healthy and happy, even on the days you can’t walk them. As we touched on earlier, keeping a dog healthy is the best way to keep a dog happy, and with the TAGG tracking device and the dogPACER treadmill, you may just have the happiest dog on the block, so go throw some Likes up and enter the contest.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. And on top of that, it shows your support for the dog loving community, so it is win win. The seven hundred dollars worth of prizes is a pretty good incentive, too!

The Perils of Having A Corpulence Dog

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The reality of taking care of a dog is you should treat as you would a human. You love it, and you allow it the exercise and attention it needs to maintain a healthy and long life. While some gaze at an overweight dog, and that dog may illicit a chuckle, would seeing someone with an overweight child garner the same response? Most likely not, because people look at that as mistreating the child and setting the child up with potential health issues as an adult, and there is nothing humorous about that. Thing is, it works the exact same for a dog.

What we need to do as a society is learn to hold the owners of overweight dogs to the same standard we seem to hold the parents of overweight children. Reality is, both have the same outcome. You see, the act of gaining weight has a very similar response in a dog’s body as it does a human’s. Everything from breathing problems, to bone problems, and even some things as severe as a stroke, can happen in dogs when they gain too much weight , just like human beings.

But just like humans, there are simple and inexpensive solutions that can be worked out and can really help address the issue long term. From basic exercise daily, to feeding the dog a diet that is high in protein and not in fat, simple things can make a huge difference to the dog’s health, as well as its appearance. And while there may be a great number of people who have excuses on why they don’t have time to exercise their dogs, you need to learn to make time. It will benefit you both in immeasurable ways.

We treat the humans we love with that level of grace and dignity, and it is time we start doing the same for our dogs.

New Dog Friend to Workout With!

One of the best things about coming into the office each day, is how I get to meet so many new dogs and make so many new friends. I’m a very social dog.

When I’m not answering the phones and taking dog treadmill orders for the dogPACER and Minipacer, I’m showing new dogs how they too can battle dog obesity. As you know, each year it gets a little harder to keep my girlish figure so a dogs got to keep a routine.

Luckily I have the luxury of being able to work out each day. When I meet new dogs they all have the same concern. They want to stay fit and don’t know how to get their owners to understand their needs. I swear all dogs have this problem from time-to-time. We talk about it when our owners aren’t around.

So I met this really short stumpy dog named Monte, I told him all about how the treadmill works to keep dogs fit and healthy so he said he’d give it a try and that he wanted to build up his muscles. Now looking at Monte, I must admit, I thought that he’d have a tough time on the treadmill, but much to my surprise, he hopped right on and started going. He was just like Forrest Gump and kept running and running. It was quite a sight! Especially with all the slobber hanging from his smiling jowls while he was working out.

Monte belongs to our Social Media Manager Nicole, so I’m sure that I’ll be seeing a lot more of him. I’m happy to have made a friend who is such a goofball.

Dog Pacer Treadmill

Monte Working Out

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I have exciting new for all of my dog friends…we are having a Black Friday sale on the dogPACER and Minipacer!

I am rolling over in excitement. I barked and begged the office to be part of Black Friday and they agreed!! The sale is going on RIGHT NOW and ends at 11:59pm, PST on Friday, November 23rd.

You can receive $100 off the purchase of a dogPACER or our award winning Minipacer dog treadmills!! All you have to do is have your parents go to to place their order. Enter the promo-code for the dogtreadmill you want (and you can buy more than one….) when at checkout.

The Promo Code for the original dogPACER dog treadmill: BFLF12

The Promo Code for the Minipacer dog treadmill: BFMINI12

I know you have to be as excited as I am…the best thing is your parents don’t have to camp out at a store or try to beat the holiday rush to take advantage of this Black Friday offer! All they have to do is go online to order!!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I am thankful for my family, the dogPACER and Minipacer, my dog friends and my life.

Be sure to give your family lots of love and kisses…and not because you want to lick the gravy off of their fingers. B.O.L.

Two more days…I am excited for Thanksgiving!! Geralynn and the dogPACER on The Doctors TV show!

The holidays are here. Decorations, family and friends coming over and a lot of cooking for the family. Well, I don’t cook…or eat all of the Thanksgiving treats…but I still have fun. I was reading a blog about Thanksgiving food…it all sounds yummy…but wow is that stuff fattening. I can’t let my slim dog body go over food…Woofie, woof…

Luckily, my dad gives me healthy treats and bones…and if I do get to splurge, I always have my dogPACER to exercise on…as a spokesmodel dog for the dogPACER, I must be in great shape. Ahhh….the life of a model…B.O.L. I love my job!!

I know you have read about Geralynn, our certified dog trainer…well she was featured on the daytime show, The Doctors!! We are all so proud of her!

They showed some dogs in the dogPACER office in one of Geralynn’s classes. Woofie!!

If you haven’t been to our Facebook pages yet…I wanted to share with you again! We have so much great information, photos, videos and more on there. And I am always on our social media pages reading messages and meeting new dog friends.

I hope all of my dog friends have a fun Thanksgiving with their families and friends!!! Don’t forget to remind your parents that the Christmas stock of dogPACER and Minipacer treadmills are in!! They make a perfect Christmas present!!

Go to to have them order yours today!

Doggercize at the dogPACER office!!! Calling all dog friends…you have to join our new exercise class!!

It’s another great day in the dogPACER office. Our trainer…and one of my favorite humans, Geralynn has started teaching Doggercize (dog Jazzercize) classes in the dogPACER office. Wow and woof…this is another fun way to get some exercise in and it is just as fun as rolling in the mud!

Perk up your ears because you are going to love this…every Wednesday at 6:00pm and Saturdays at 10:00am, PST, we are hosting Doggercize classes in the dog training room in the dogPACER office. Not only will you be able to join me in a fun exercise class, you can try your skills on the dogPACER or Minipacer dog treadmills.

Here are the details you need to give to your parents…make sure to give them a big lick and puppy dog eyes…it works for me everytime! 🙂

Doggercize is ideal for everyone who knows the need to exercise themselves and their pet, while teaching simple obedience lessons that help to relieve anxiety, separation anxiety, aggressive behavior, barking, licking, chewing, to name a few. Doggercize basic classes, all supervised by a dog trainer, get your hea

rt rate going with a regimen of simple, fat-burning exercises that are easy to do. 

More advanced Doggercize classes (“Boot Camp” style) are for the more serious exercise fanatics and their more active pets.

Our Doggercize Program involves four classes, the first of which is “Paw”tiquitte, an introductory class on the ABC’s of pet care the Paw-fect Way. 

The following is a brief description of the other three classes:

Yo-Dog-a; Primarily Seated Yoga stretches designed for you and your dog.

Doggy and Puppy Pull-a-lotties; Train your dog to not pull on the leash while you enjoy an overall body workout!

Retrieve and Burn; Train your dog to fetch in between interval training routines.

Doggercize will also help:

-Improve communication with your pet
-Improve pet socialization and proper behavior with other animals and people
-Boost yours and your pets mental and physical fitness, preventing obesity
-Improve or assist to create self discipline and control for you and your best friend!
-Train you in the best methods of care for your furry best friend

These classes are coached by Geralynn Cada, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Las Vegas Dog Guru and founder of Doggercize! You will also receive fitness training and dog coaching tips via email, a daily journal, nutritional guidance for you and your pet, and personal support from Geralynn and other members of her pet and people fitness team!

Get fit with your best friend!

Find out more about Geralynn Cada, and her dog training at

If you haven’t met Geralynn, go to her website and read all about her. You can also see some great photos and video of her with the dogPACER and Minipacer.
I hope you will join us for a class soon!

Happy Veterans Day!! I am probably the only dog that loves Monday!

After a fun and relaxing weekend, I was excited to go back to the dogPACER office and get to work. We are busier than ever since the launch of the Minipacer and with the growing dogPACER dog treadmill fans and owners!! I make sure everyone in the office is doing their jobs…B.O.L.

I started my morning with a great run on my dogPACER then it was straight to my desk to catch up on my email, my Social Media Accounts and approving new photos of me…as the dogPACER spokesdog, I like to make sure I look my coat is shiny and perfect… I have a woofunderful job!!

I love our new office…we have so much space, a training center that dogs can come with their parents to try out the dogPACER or Minipacer, or take training classes with our certified trainer, Geralynn.

I also join in the classes to help Geralynn…I make sure to have my paw in everything with dogPACER…woofie…

I’ve been barking to my online dog friends all day…they are making their holiday lists for their parents and so many of them want a dogPACER or Minipacer dog treadmill as a gift. I give them tips on behaving, rolling over, dog kisses, begging and best trick…the puppy-dog eyes…they always work for me! B.O.L.

I hope everyone had a great Monday…I will be bark-blogging again soon! Enjoy the picture of my dog friends from the last class we had in the office!


Hope you’re having a woofunderful weekend!!!

Wagging my tail, running around, playing fetch and going on car rides…yep, I am one lucky dog!!! I love the weekends!! Whether if I am running on my dogPACER dog treadmill or having fun with my dad, I always love the weekends!!

Today there is a huge adoption events in Las Vegas today that our trainer, Geralynn is helping with. There are so many adorable dogs that really need new forever homes. If you live in the Vegas area you should stop by!! Tell all of your parents and friends!!

I am also so excited that Instagram launched a web-based tool that anyone who does not have an Instagram account can go to and see all of the fun photos I have from all of my fun adventures with the dogPACER and Minipacer.

Here is the link:

If you haven’t friended me on Facebook, you are missing out on fun photos, videos and stories of all of the great things happening with dogPACER!!

Go to Facebook and LIKE my page…you can also meet so many of my dog friends and other dogs that come by the dogPACER office for training classes and to try out the our dog treadmills.

Here is the information on the adoption event today!!! I’m going for a fun car ride…ready to go have some more weekend fun!!!