Two more days…I am excited for Thanksgiving!! Geralynn and the dogPACER on The Doctors TV show!

The holidays are here. Decorations, family and friends coming over and a lot of cooking for the family. Well, I don’t cook…or eat all of the Thanksgiving treats…but I still have fun. I was reading a blog about Thanksgiving food…it all sounds yummy…but wow is that stuff fattening. I can’t let my slim dog body go over food…Woofie, woof…

Luckily, my dad gives me healthy treats and bones…and if I do get to splurge, I always have my dogPACER to exercise on…as a spokesmodel dog for the dogPACER, I must be in great shape. Ahhh….the life of a model…B.O.L. I love my job!!

I know you have read about Geralynn, our certified dog trainer…well she was featured on the daytime show, The Doctors!! We are all so proud of her!

They showed some dogs in the dogPACER office in one of Geralynn’s classes. Woofie!!

If you haven’t been to our Facebook pages yet…I wanted to share with you again! We have so much great information, photos, videos and more on there. And I am always on our social media pages reading messages and meeting new dog friends.

I hope all of my dog friends have a fun Thanksgiving with their families and friends!!! Don’t forget to remind your parents that the Christmas stock of dogPACER and Minipacer treadmills are in!! They make a perfect Christmas present!!

Go to to have them order yours today!

I’m helping get the dogPACER’s and Minipacer’s shipped out to my new dog friends!! We are also planning for some major events in New York!!

Everyone in the office is so busy today that I decided to help the Fed Ex guy make sure that the dogPACER’s and Minipacer’s were ready to be shipped out to their new owners today! I stood watch over them as we loaded them on the truck! I’m a lovable dog…but just like to show I can be tough…especially when it comes to our dog treadmills. Woof, woof!

So many exciting things are going on this month! Not only is Halloween coming up…and a cool event in Las Vegas called Hallow-Wiener…today is the big Petrepreneur New Product Showcase in New York city!!! My tail is wagging with excitement! I just know that people are going to love the dogPACER and the award-winning Minipacer in New York!!

Next week we also have the AKC Meet the Breeds event in New York…and some super exciting news I just can’t stop barking about is that we are going to be featured on some special news segments in New York and we are also going to be featured on the show The Doctors…I don’t know the exact air date yet, but keep following my blog and I will make sure to let everyone know!! They are doing a special on pet health…that’s what we are all about!!!

Ok…back to work for me…there’s so much to do in the office today and all week!! New York city, here we come!!!! Woofie….


Counting down the days until Halloween. I have so many dog friends that are picking out their costumes!

I just love Halloween!! I have really never dressed up…but I am a confident pup, thinking I might bark to my dad to get me a costume this year. I just can’t decide what I want to be…I like the sweet costumes more than the scary ones…shhh…I do get scared easily…B.O.L.

There are so many fun events going on for dogs this month too. From costume contests to breed specific Halloween get-together. One fun one is especially for wiener dogs…Rocky, my new best dog friend that is exercising on the Minipacer to loose weight and get in shape is a wiener dog…woof, woofie…

There is a big Hallo-Wiener event at Kellogg Zaher Sports Complex Dog Park. I love that park!! The dogPACER team goes there for various events and fundraisers. I know I am not a wiener dog, but I really hope I get to go with Rocky.

Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? If so, I would love to receive photos of you in your costume to post in¬†my blog and on our social media sites. You can email them to me at [email protected].

Make sure to go to to see the videos of me, Rocky and some of my other dog friends on the dogPACER and the award winning Minipacer dog treadmill!

Happy Woof Wednesday!! Here is a great pic of our certified dogPACER dog trainer, Geralynn with one of her dogs…she is one of my favorite friends in the dogPACER office.

It’s Sunday Funday!!! I feel the cooler air starting to come in and I am counting down the days until I can go hiking in the snow!

On weekends, my dad takes me hiking in the mountains. My favorite time is when it is snowing. He throws snowballs that I can catch and we hike for hours. I am so happy that fall is here. This is one of my favorite times of year.

It has been a fun week meeting so many new dog friends in our dogPACER training facility and on Facebook. One of my new friends, Maggie loves her new Minipacer. Her mommy keeps sending us fun photos and we also received a fun video showing how her Minipacer was decorated for fall and Halloween. Maggie is so happy running on her Minipacer. Not at all surprising.

We have so many fun events that the dogPACER team will be attending. From Halloween themed events, Pet Expo’s, a very cool event in New York city called AKC Meet The Breeds and another great new pet product event called Petreprenuer New Product Showcase….I have a feeling the Minipacer will be recognized again!!!

Don’t forget to keep up with Rocky’s progress on weight loss and getting fit on our website. His story is so sweet. He’s a pretty cool dog too…we are really becoming close dog friends.


Woofie…what a great way to start Adopt A Shelter Dog Month!! Read about my new friend, Maggie!!!

I received the best letter from Maggie and her new mommy today! Maggie is a rescued dog. She was rescued 5 years ago by her new loving family in Florida. At 8 years old, Maggie was living a great life…but she was becoming a couch potato and the weight was coming on.

Maggie’s parent bought her a Minipacer recently to give her the extra exercise she needs to stay healthy and loose those extra pounds. At first, Maggie wasn’t sure about the Minipacer and having the ground moving under her feet. After a little patience and training from her mom, Maggie is up and running on the Minipacer and loving it!

Her family can not stop thanking us or raving about the Minipacer. We are pretty proud of this mini machine too. Like I always bark, it may be mini, but the power is mighty. Everyone loves how quiet the Minipacer dog treadmill is and how perfect the compact size is for smaller dogs.

I felt this story was the perfect way to remind all of my friends that October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! I am adopted and many of my dogPACER and Minipacer friends are adopted or rescued.

If you and your family are thinking about adding a new doggie addition to the family, October would be a great month to do it! Have your parents contact the local shelter or rescue organizations to help find the perfect companion for you and your family. And don’t forget, if you have extra weight to loose or just want another fun way to exercise from the comfort of your home, the dogPACER or the Minipacer dog treadmills are perfect for you!



October is “Adopt A Shelter Dog” Month!! dogPACER and Minipacer are proud supporters of adoption and our dog treadmills are used in several adoption agencies.

With so many dogs up for adoption, I always love to bark about the importance of adopting shelter dogs. I have met so many wonderful shelter dogs while working at dogPACER. Our dog treadmill is used by FUPI (Foreclosed Upon Pets, Inc.), Best Friends Animal Society, and many other rescue and training facilities.

The dogPACER, and now the Minipacer, have become staples at many facilities to train these rescued dogs, help them loose some extra weight they may have or to simply get them in tip-top shape before being adopted out to their new forever homes.

Our dog treadmill has been recognized in several news articles for helping shelter or foster dogs loose weight or being obedience trained so that potential new families can feel comfortable bringing them home to a new environment.

I receive emails from dog friends sharing their success stories and telling me how much they love the dogPACER and Minipacer. I have to wag my tail and agree…this really is a woofderful (yes, I made up my own word…B.O.L.) product that can save lives and make both our parents and us happy!! ūüôā

For more information on the dogPACER or the Minipacer dog treadmills, visit our website (don’t forget to check out the videos of me on the dogPACER).

Link to one of my videos…


Monday funday at the dogPACER office. We are booked solid with dogs coming into our training facility to try the Minipacer.

Wow…after SuperZoo, the dogPACER phones, email and Facebook have been blowing up with dogs and their owners that want to purchase a dogPACER dog treadmill or the new award winning, Minipacer.

Dog owners from all over the US and Canada are excited to purchase a dogPACER or Minipacer for their dogs…I am wagging my tail with excitement over all of the new dogs that are being added to the dogPACER Pack.

One of employees wore her dogPACER shirt to the gym…she was running on a human treadmill…B.O.L. Anywoof…she was stopped by so many people asking about the dogPACER dog treadmill…just shows you never know where we might pop up! B.O.L. ūüôā

She spent time telling people at the gym all about our specialty dog treadmill and showing them exactly why a human treadmill is not the safest option to exercise their dogs.

Many people are asking about a gym for dogs….woof, woof, that would be cool. I can just see rows and rows of dogPACER’s and Minipacers available for dogs to go and get the exercise they need. Maybe one day…woofie!

I am also receiving a lot of questions about exercising obese cats on the Minipacer. Although the Minipacer is built for dogs, it could work for some cats. Cats are usually more timid than dogs or simply do not want to take to the movement of the machine…but for those cat owners that have a cat they can train, we say try it. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR VETERNARIAN FIRST!! Also, if you have any questions about exercising them, contact the certified trainers in the dogPACER office at [email protected].

Remember, never tie your pet to the dogPACER or Minipacer or leave them when they are working out on the machine. Once they are trained like me, then you can just set the machine and let your dog exercise while you read your paper, clean the house or watch TV.

Wishing all of my dog friends a happy Monday!!

The Minipacer wins 2nd place for BEST NEW DOG PRODUCT at SuperZoo 2012!

The Minipacer dog treadmill was awarded Best New Dog Product this week by the World Pet Association at SuperZoo 2012!! I am such a proud dog!!! It proves that all of the hard work by the dogPACER team is paying off and the dog community are taking us seriously!!

I’m not barking that people weren’t already taking us seriously…we have sold so many original dogPACER dog treadmills to dogs all over the US. From dogs that live in areas that are too hot or too cold to dogs that just need more exercise, they have been turning to the dogPACER to help keep them fit by allowing them to exercise anywhere and almost anytime (parents or guardians do need to be around…B.O.L.) and never have to worry about heat exhaustion, freezing temperatures or getting wet in the rain.

My inbox is flooded with questions about the Minipacer! It is really getting the attention of all of the smaller dogs that want a product that is just for them! Most people love how cute the Minipacer is…then they have their dog exercise on it and realize how powerful and well-built it is. Also…they smiles on these dogs faces when they are on the Minipacer are priceless.

If you want to learn more about the Minipacer or the original dogPACER, send your parents to

You should also check out our Facebook pages for fun photos, videos and more from SuperZoo 2012!

Have a wooferful weekend!!!


Attention all of my small dog friends…the Minipacer dog treadmill was made just for you!!! Woof, woof!

I am so excited about our new Minipacer dog treadmill. I may not be able to exercise on it, but I can stand on top of the boxes of machines we have in stock. B.O.L. The Minipacer dog treadmill has been engineered with the smaller dog breeds and smaller
spaces in mind.  Don’t let the size fool you, the Minipacer  is built from carbon steel and can support dogs up to 55lbs. We put the same time developing time into developing a quality product that is specialized for smaller dogs.
The Minipacer  treadmill is completely portable and will make indoor exercise a breeze. See for yourself how our newest edition to the  dogPACER family has begun to revolutionize the potential for smaller breeds.
Here are some details on the new Minipacer:
Dimensions -Inch L-42 W-21.5 H-29
Weight -48.4 Lbs
Speed -0.5- 7.5 mph (0.1 increments)
Running area -36.6 X 16 Inch
Pet Weight -Up to 55 lbs
Now dog parents have two dogPACER dog treadmills to choose from. For those families that have both small and large dog breeds, the original dogPACER is perfect for them! The patented folding technology and sleek design can fit in large homes or small apartments.
The Minipacer was designed for those tiny, toy, minature and small dogs that want to exercise on a dog treadmill built just for them. It is also more compact for those who need to put it in smaller spaces. The best thing about the Minipacer is the price…we priced it at only $475!! They won’t last long at this low price!! Woofie…
I will be at SuperZoo showing off my skills on the dogPACER and showing dogs and dog lovers the new Minipacer….I am so excited!
Here is the Facebook page for SuperZoo
You can also go to the dogPACER website for more information about SuperZoo, links to purchase tickets and other events you can meet me and see both the dogPACER and Minipacer.

Introducing the Minipacer for my small dog friends!! This is the compact version of our famous dogPACER dog treadmill!!

Woofie….I can barely hold in my excitement to show all of you the Minipacer…our compact version of the dogPACER that is perfect for all of my small dog friends.

The Minipacer dog treadmill has been engineered with the smaller dog and smaller spaces in mind.  Don’t let the size fool you. The Minipacer  is built from carbon steel and can support dogs up to 55lbs.
The Minipacer  treadmill is completely portable and will make indoor exercise a breeze. See for yourself how our newest edition to the  dogPACER family has begun to revolutionize the potential for smaller breeds.
Inch L-42 W-21.5 H-29
48.4 Lbs
 0.5- 7.5 mph (0.1 increments)
Running area 
36.6 X 16 Inch
Pet Weight 
Up to 55 lbs
The original dogPACER dog treadmill has been so popular with large and small dogs, however, many of my small dog friends wanted something that was a little more compact and “special” for them…and we did it! We created a mini version of the dogPACER and the small dog community are wagging their tails and rolling over with excitement!!
 Make sure to tell your parents that you can come into our new Las Vegas training center and test out the dogPACER or Minipacer!!
Call us at 702-696-9999 to schedule an appointment!! I would love to meet you and show you how amazing the dogPACER and Minipacer are!!!