The Importance of Exercise

Coco & Bella_dogPACER Treadmill_1It is a topic that we hear all the time as pet owners but so often our lives get in the way and taking the time to keep our four-legged friends fit and healthy can be forgotten. This post is just a friendly reminder of the importance of exercise!

Dogs need to use-up the energy running around their body!

Studies have shown that dogs that aren’t receiving regular exercise find other ways to use up their energy, and you might not like them! Regular exercise can help to reduce or eliminate common behavior problems, such as digging, excessive barking, chewing and hyperactivity.

Exercise can Solve Some Serious Problems

Exercise keeps dogs fit, agile and limber and reduces illnesses such as digestive failure, constipation, heart problems and diabetes. Your dog will also rest and sleep better if they are receiving regular exercise, which means a better night sleep for you too!

Walk, Walk, Walk! 

While having a backyard is helpful, ideally your dog needs to go for a walk at least twice a day. Not everyone has time to get out and walk his or her dog twice a day, and we understand! The dogPACER really is the perfect solution for those of us that are running out of free time to regularly exercise our pets. The key to an effective exercise program is regularity; the dogPACER can be used any time of day, during any season and doesn’t stop you from going about your regular routine.

Providing regular exercise for our pets is one of our most important responsibilities as owners. Are you helping your pooch live a long, happy and healthy life?

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