Saying “Goodbye” to your Pet

High Five to a Healthy 2013It’s a subject that most of us want to avoid wherever possible, but the unfortunate truth is, our canine companions can’t be with us forever. Whether through an accident or old age losing a pet brings on overwhelming grief that is a true testament to the joy and love pets bring to our lives. Here are a few suggestions for working through the loss of a pet.

The first step is giving yourself time to grieve.

Often it is hard for people outside your immediate family to understand why you are so upset about the loss of your pet. Designate time after your pets passing to grieve the loss, talk about it with the other members of your family and allow yourself to express the hurt; this will make moving along 100 times easier. It is especially important to talk about the passing of an animal if you have children. If this is their first experience with death, talking openly with them will make it easier for them to understand why their pet isn’t around anymore.

Give them a Funeral

Often families find closure through creating a memorial for their pet or holding a small funeral. These rituals can allow you and your family to openly express your grief and find closure in the pets passing.

Remember all of the Good Times

Letting go can be a slow and painful journey but once you have accepted the loss of your pet and allowed yourself to grieve you will finally start to heal. It is important to focus on all the love and joy pets bring to our lives and take those memories with you as you move forward with your life.

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