Picking a Pooch!

With over 500 breeds recognized by kennel clubs throughout the world, finding the right dog for your lifestyle isn’t always easy. The choices today are endless, purebred or mixed? Large, medium or small? Long hair or short? You get the gist. So how do you make the right choice? Choosing the right breed takes a mix of common sense, doing the research and getting an understanding of different breeds personalities.



The most important thing is feeling comfortable around your dog so you need to choose one that will blend in with your lifestyle. Firstly you need to consider costs, if you aren’t willing to spend lots of money from a specific breeder try looking at Shelters or Rescue Groups. They offer a variety of breeds at an affordable cost.  When selecting your dog you need to consider the different traits in breeds, for example their energy requirements, size, training time, attention requirements and ability to be around people. There are several online Breed Selector Tools that you can use to see which breed would be best suited for your lifestyle. We recommend Animal Planet and Pedigree Breed Selector Tools.


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