Dogs, Diabetes, and dogPACER


Times have changed, people. In some ways, for the better, and in some ways, for the worse. When it comes to dogs,  you can look at it both ways. Things have gotten better and our understand of dogs has advanced greatly over time. But in some ways, there has been a step back in the last 20 years. From dogs with heart disease to dogs with diabetes, dog’s health problems have increased with our own. So what do we do now? Come on, you know we can help!

Simple steps (literally) can be taken every day to ensure your dog stays healthy. From the food you give it, to how much you exercise it, to even the affection and love you give it. Did you know a sad dog or a depressed dog has more of a chance of developing heart disease and diabetes than a dog that is happy? But if you look at the big picture, the dog’s health issues lies in our own hands. As I said, we have forced our own health issues on our dogs. When dogs are dying of diabetes, you know this is a huge problem that needs to be addressed. That is why we are here. We live to address that problem. And our solution is often easier and cheaper than people think it will be.

Our solution is HERE.

People can scoff, and sometimes are even in shock when they hear we exist. But once we let them know the stats of obesity in dogs and how heart disease is dwindling their populations and breeds down, they don’t scoff anymore. People like dogs because they are cute and sweet, but need to remember: They are as complex a machine as we humans are, and they need to be treated as such.

So put down that piece of bacon you were just gonna give to Fido, and go take him for a walk around the park. The truth is, we are hoping one day the world wont need us. But for now, take it one step at a time. Literally, go for a walk with your dog! LOL

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