True: The Blind, Deaf, Three-Legged Dog That Saved His Family From A Fire

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

We say dogs are our best friends, and they really are. They bring us joy when we are sad, and they give us a faith that there is still pure love in the world. But dogs can be so much more than friends, they can also be heroes. The story of True the dog is a story that would inspire any of us. True is an adopted dog who is blind, deaf, and has only three legs. While some would look at True and see a dog with set backs, the Crosleys saw True and knew he deserved just as much love as any other dog. He would go on to prove he was worthy of that love in the best way possible: by saving their lives in the most miraculous of ways, despite what others may seem as a setback.

It was late one night last November when the fire started in the Crosley home, and all the Crosleys had already gone to sleep. True was stirred by the smell of smoke, and immediately knew something wasn’t right. And that is when this little hero sprang to action. Despite having only three legs, and an inability to see or hear, he made his way to the bedroom of Katie Crosley, who was sleeping with her newborn by her side, Jace, when the dog began frantically pawing at her to wake her up. Within moments, Katie smelled the smoke and knew something was wrong, so she scooped up Jace and True and rushed out of the house just in time. The fire consumed everything, but they all survived, injury free, thanks to the quick thinking and love of one dog. A dog some would mistakenly see as disabled.

With the right equipment, a disabled dog functions at the same level as any other,

With the right equipment, a disabled dog functions at the same level as any other,

The amazing fact here is that the Crosleys never treated True like anything less than perfect, and they loved him with all their heart. They taught True certain commands, and treated how they would treat any dog. And to think, they adopted True when his former owner said he was all but useless. But instead of just letting the dog sit around, they exercised True and and kept him active and agile, which was key to how quickly he acted that night.

Even in worst case scenarios, there are various methods to help dogs who have been injured or have had a leg amputated. Tripawds are one provider, standing as proof that these dogs are not handicapped, but merely hindered. They make all sorts of devices that help keep the disabled dogs fully mobile, such as harnesses and scooters. You match that up with a dog treadmill to keep the dog fit, and much like True showed here, you can’t keep a good dog down,

We have said it before and we will say it again, a healthy dog is a happy dog. And in the case of True, a heroic dog as well.

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