The Unknown Benefits of Dog Yoga

dog yoga by remy








Some hear the term dog yoga and they laugh, assuming it is a joke of some sort. The reality is, much like a human practicing yoga, dog yoga has many of the exact same benefits, and it is practiced far more than you would think. We even offer a dog yoga class here at dogPACER that many people (and their tale wagging dogs) swear by.

While imagining a dog in yoga poses seems almost comical at first (see above picture and feel free to laugh), the reality is, a dog ages in much the same way a human does. And though their lives are quite different than ours, they retain pain and anxiety much in the same way a human does. In their body. A lethargic dog, as we have said before, is an unproductive dog. And as many of us dog lovers know, an unproductive dog is an unhappy dog. This is where dog yoga comes in.

The benefits of doga (as some choose to call it) are widespread. From reducing stress to having better self control when it comes to emotional outbursts, many owners swear that dog yoga has resulted in an outward change in their dogs personalities. We are pretty sure if you could ask the dogs, they would agree. While practiced most commonly in New York and California, this practice is becoming more and more popular because more and more people, as well as their canine counterparts, are instantly addicted.

So don’t write something like dog yoga off as strange or weird because it is not widespread enough yet, Give it time, and give your dog a shot at it. You might be surprised at how much it benefits them, and as a result, both of you. If your lucky enough, your dog may outright thank you for it.

If you are in the Las Vegas area, dogPACER offers Doga classes right in their office. Give us a call at 702-696-9999 to sign you and your dog up for a Doga class today!


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