dogPACER Launches Treat Me Canine Supplements

Treat Me HEALTHY is part of the Buy One - Give One promotion!

Treat Me HEALTHY is part of the Buy One – Give One promotion!

dogPACER Launches Treat Me Canine Supplements at Global Pet Expo 2013 –
Unique Buy One, Give One Program Helps Shelter Pets Nationwide

 All dogs deserve optimal health and dogPACER, a pet lifestyle and wellness company, is on a mission to ensure that dogs everywhere – at home and in shelters – feel their best. At Global Pet Expo this week, dogPACER launched Treat Me supplements, an exciting addition to its lifestyle and wellness product line.

dogPACER, which raced onto the pet scene with its high quality, affordable dog treadmills, is now helping customers take a step further in their dogs’ wellness journey with the new Treat Me line.

“Proper nutrition is paramount to a dog’s overall health,” says David Ezra, CEO and co-founder of dogPACER. “Adding Treat Me to our family of products is a natural fit. Our customers are concerned with exercise and good nutrition to help their dogs thrive.”

The Treat Me line, which is available at includes:

Treat Me Healthy – This multivitamin offers over 35 essential vitamins and minerals to aid in digestion and boost your dog’s immune system and overall wellness. Delicious chicken liver flavored, sugar free chews come in three sizes for small, medium and large dogs.

Treat Me Calm – For dogs that need to “chill out,” Treat Me Calm is a unique blend of all-natural ingredients to help with hyperactivity, anxiety and nervousness. Sugar free, chicken liver flavored chews are available in two sizes: for dogs up to 25 pounds and for dogs over 25 pounds.

Treat Me Hip – This supplement provides a superior blend of Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin to help with your dog’s every day comfort and help him maintain mobility and flexibility.  Treat Me Hip comes in sugar free chicken liver flavored chews in three sizes for small, medium and large dogs.

Dedicated to the health and well being of all pets, dogPACER launched Treat Me with an innovative “Buy One, Give One” program to help dogs in need. For every package of Treat Me Healthy multivitamins sold, dogPACER will donate another package to an organization within its shelter and rescue network.

“We’re particularly excited about this aspect of the Treat Me program,” Ezra says. “Many dogs in shelters struggle with their health, often due to poor nutrition. The best way to get these dogs into their forever homes is to help them look and feel their best. Balancing their diet with Treat Me multivitamins can go a long way in helping them get back to their optimal health as soon as possible.”

For more information about Treat Me products, please visit:

 About dogPACER

dogPACER was founded in 2010 to promote health and wellness for dogs worldwide. First, they developed the world’s most accessible and affordable dog treadmill to help more dogs get the exercise they need.  The original dogPACER and the Minipacer for small dogs, are made of superior quality, lightweight carbon steel, designed to hold up to even the toughest work outs. In 2013, dogPACER launched Treat Me, a high quality line of supplements and vitamins, along with an innovative Buy One, Give One program. For every bag of Treat Me supplements sold, dogPACER donates one bag of Treat Me Healthy multivitamins to dogs in need.  For more information about dogPACER, please visit

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