dogPACER Debuts Elite Dog Treadmill Line to Aid Veterans and Military Dogs

dogPACER Elite Now Available!

dogPACER Elite Now Available!

dogPACER Debuts Elite Dog Treadmill Line to Aid Veterans and Military Dogs

Dog owners who want to keep their best friends and protectors happy and healthy through supplemental treadmill exercise can now help those who protect our country as well.

dogPACER, a pet lifestyle and wellness company, today announced the debut of the LF3.1 Elite, and the Minipacer Elite, two special edition dog treadmills with a special cause: a portion of proceeds of the two models go to programs to help veterans – both human and canine.

The LF3.1 Elite and Minipacer Elite include camouflage patterned side panels and other unique design features.  Part of the exclusive line’s price includes a $50 donation to military programs. For every model sold, dogPACER matches that donation, for a total of $100.

Both of the company’s founders, David Ezra and Yaniv Rosenberg, served in the military. “This is obviously a cause that’s important to us but also to many of our customers,” Ezra explains. “From wounded soldiers to retired military dogs and more, there are many groups that need funding. We’re proud to be able to contribute in this way.”

The LF3.1 Elite is designed for dogs up to 179 pounds, and the Minipacer Elite is made for dogs up to 55 pounds. The prices for the models are $549 and $529, respectively.

With pet obesity at an all time high, exercise has become key to keeping pets’ weight in check, and helping pets lose life-threatening pounds and helping them stay strong, healthy and happy.

“There are a lot of legitimate reasons why people have a hard time getting their dogs the exercise they need,” Ezra says. “We want to remove those barriers and provide a viable solution to lack of exercise due to weather, time and, sometimes, mobility issues.”

As the highest quality, most affordable dog treadmill on the market, all dogPACER treadmills, including the Elite models, are made of lightweight, sturdy carbon steel. Both sizes are compact. The Minipacer Elite is just 42 inches long and 21.5 inches wide; while the LF3.1 Elite is 76.77 inches long and 27.6 inches wide and folds up for easy storage.

Ezra points out that regular outdoor exercise is still critical to a dog’s well being. “Our treadmills are designed to supplement outdoor time, to ensure dogs can get as much physical activity as they need, year-round, without compromise,” Ezra says. “We’re in the business of improving the lives of dogs and their owners,” he adds, “And with dogPACER’s Elite models, we hope to help improve the lives of our country’s veterans as well.”

 About dogPACER

dogPACER was founded in 2010 to develop the world’s most accessible and affordable dog treadmill, without sacrificing exceptional quality.  The original dogPACER and the minipacer for small dogs, as well as the special edition dogPACER Elite, are made of strong but lightweight carbon steel, designed to hold up to even the toughest work outs. Attractive and user-friendly, dogPACER treadmills have revolutionized the dog treadmill market.  For more information about dogPACER treadmilles and Treat Me, the company’s line of nutritional supplements, please visit

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