Can A Dog Feel Love?

two dogs in love







There seems to be much in the way of the debate about whether or not dogs can feel love. While some specialists want to  imply that a dog (and all animals, for that matter) function on a primal level, where they are responding emotionally to their needs being met, but they are not feeling actual love, all one has to do to try to understand this is look to the relationships some dogs form with other animals, and you get all the answers you need.

For example, this story about a dog befriending a little piglet. The piglet was ill and brought to a vet, who just happened to have a dog. And for reasons unknown to us, these two took an immediate shining to one another. At first, people wanted to imply that the dog’s maternal instinct was kicking in and helping look after the piglet because the piglet was sick, but what about months later, when the piglet is healthy, and the dog is still stuck right by its side, the same way two best friends would be. Can you explain that? The instinct of love, visible between these two animals, yet the world has scientists trying to convince us that what we are seeing with our own eyes doesn’t exist. Why is that? Well, if you look in the right corners of the world you will notice there are some scientists still standing behind the fact that dogs, do, indeed, feel love.

And the piglet and the dog is but one example of many dog love stories. The glaring reality in this is that anyone who has been lucky enough to even spend five minutes with a dog knows a dog feels love, perhaps even more intensely than humans do. And also and most importantly, that love is always blind, which speaks volumes about them.

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