The dogPACER April Newsletter is available online!

You have to check out the dogPACER April newsletter on!!

Each month there will be a newsletter posted on the dogPACER website that will let you know all of the places that I will be with the dogPACER dog treadmill. I travel with my dad, David and Yaniv to local Petco locations, pet expos, pet adoption events, fundraisers and specialty pet boutiques showing dogs and their parents the dogPACER dog treadmill. I love running on the treadmill and showing how easy and fun it is to get in enough exercise to keep me fit and relaxed.

Here is a quick link to the newsletter. Make sure to share with all of your friends!

The newsletter includes photos of the dogs that try out the dogPACER, event photos, videos, new dogPACER owners, dog exercise tips, discounts, and best of all…we will be featuring a ‘dog-of-the-month’! Each month, a new dog will be featured with a story and a photo of them. This is the chance for other dogs to know what if feels like to be a celebrity dog. 🙂

Make sure to sign up and see the fun photos we have posted!! Make sure to bark, beg and roll-over and woof your parents to send in your photo and a story about you to possibly featured in one of our monthly newsletters!

Happy Monday!! Below is a photo of Prada…be sure to read all about her and her mom in the April newsletter.

Prada - dogPACER April "dog-of-the-month"

Prada the dogPACER April "dog-of-the-month"


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