4 Reasons You Should Buy Your Dog His Own Bed

Though they aren’t the most accomplished sleepers in the animal kingdom (koalas get up to 22 hours of sleep a day), dogs get a lot more shuteye than their masters. On average, your canine friend spends 12 to 14 hours a day in dreamland. Larger breeds and puppies may slumber even longer — up to 18 hours for some dogs. We may not notice how much or how often our furry friends rest because dogs are opportunistic sleepers. Most can catch some Zs wherever they may be — on the kitchen floor, outdoors, even in their master’s bed. Of course, none of the aforementioned is an ideal sleeping area for your pet.

According to dog trainers, it is important to let your dog find his own sleeping space. But once he has found it, you must train him to go to that area at will. Just as you would with a child, you should encourage him to sleep on his own when he is tired. Letting him come to bed with you will only confuse him and could disrupt healthy sleeping patterns. The simplest way to train your pooch to sleep according to his needs, not yours, is to buy him his own bed!

Sealy Quad Layer Dog Bed - Grey

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll see when you get your dog his own special place to rest his head.


No matter how often we might bathe them, most dogs are pretty dirty. It’s not their fault, of course. With coats that are magnets for dirt, dust, crumbs, and other debris, it’s a wonder they don’t all look like “Pig-Pen” from Peanuts. With that said, there’s a definite difference between dogs that are allowed to sleep wherever they want and those that doze on their own beds. Why? Because it’s a lot easier to clean and maintain a dog bed than it is to vacuum and scrub every carpet and floor in your home!


Would you rather sleep in your own bed or on the kitchen floor? It seems like a silly question, we know. Then again, maybe dogs have a natural affinity for cold, hard surfaces…Now that’s even sillier! Of course your dog would be more comfortable on a bed that was designed specifically for him than on the floor! Many of the newer models actually conform to your pet’s body because they are made of memory foam, the same material that is used in top-of the-line mattresses for humans. One of our favorites is the Sealy Dog Bed with Quad-Layer Technology.

Sealy Quad Layer Dog Bed - Brown


No matter how domesticated they may be, dogs are territorial. Many have a favorite spot or place they try to keep to themselves. But as families inevitably grow, dogs tend to lose these areas, and with them their sense of control over anything in the home. A bed gives your dog his own living space that no one else can enter or take away. It is his sanctuary when things get noisy or confusing, or when he simply wants to get some shuteye.


Most dogs can sleep just about anywhere, but that doesn’t mean that they should. Whether on the kitchen floor or under the dining room table, dogs get the same aches and pains human do when they sleep in an uncomfortable place.  A complete sleep system like the Sealy Dog Bed with Quad-Layer Technology offers an extra layer of orthopedic foam that help eliminate pressure points by evenly distributing weight on the bed.

For all these reasons and more, a dog bed should be considered a necessity for pet pooches of all ages, sizes, and breeds.

The Importance of Exercise

Coco & Bella_dogPACER Treadmill_1It is a topic that we hear all the time as pet owners but so often our lives get in the way and taking the time to keep our four-legged friends fit and healthy can be forgotten. This post is just a friendly reminder of the importance of exercise!

Dogs need to use-up the energy running around their body!

Studies have shown that dogs that aren’t receiving regular exercise find other ways to use up their energy, and you might not like them! Regular exercise can help to reduce or eliminate common behavior problems, such as digging, excessive barking, chewing and hyperactivity.

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Saying “Goodbye” to your Pet

High Five to a Healthy 2013It’s a subject that most of us want to avoid wherever possible, but the unfortunate truth is, our canine companions can’t be with us forever. Whether through an accident or old age losing a pet brings on overwhelming grief that is a true testament to the joy and love pets bring to our lives. Here are a few suggestions for working through the loss of a pet.

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Picking a Pooch!

With over 500 breeds recognized by kennel clubs throughout the world, finding the right dog for your lifestyle isn’t always easy. The choices today are endless, purebred or mixed? Large, medium or small? Long hair or short? You get the gist. So how do you make the right choice? Choosing the right breed takes a mix of common sense, doing the research and getting an understanding of different breeds personalities.



The most important thing is feeling comfortable around your dog so you need to choose one that will blend in with your lifestyle. Firstly you need to consider costs, if you aren’t willing to spend lots of money from a specific breeder try looking at Shelters or Rescue Groups. They offer a variety of breeds at an affordable cost.  When selecting your dog you need to consider the different traits in breeds, for example their energy requirements, size, training time, attention requirements and ability to be around people. There are several online Breed Selector Tools that you can use to see which breed would be best suited for your lifestyle. We recommend Animal Planet and Pedigree Breed Selector Tools.


Housebreaking Your Pup; The “do’s and dont’s”

Bringing home a new dog is an exciting time but it can also prove stressful, particularly when your finding unwanted surprises from your pet around the house. Here are some helpful tips for getting your pup housetrained and avoiding unwanted house-soiling incidents.

housebreaking1. Be Consistent

Housetraining requires more than a few stacks of newspapers – you need to be vigilant, patient and most importantly consistent! Housetraining can take a few months and it is imperative you follow the procedures you’ve put in place right until the dog is fully trained; if you stop trying, why wouldn’t your pooch?

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Top 5 reasons why adoption will be worth it!

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1. Adoption Means Saving a Life.

Number one is perhaps the most rewarding reason for adopting a rescue dog. Dog euthanasia is a topic most people want to steer away from, and we understand why, but the simple fact is when     you adopt from a

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Times have changed, people. In some ways, for the better, and in some ways, for the worse. When it comes to dogs,  you can look at it both ways. Things have gotten better and our understand of dogs has advanced greatly over time. But in some ways, there has been a step back in the last 20 years. From dogs with heart disease to dogs with diabetes, dog’s health problems have increased with our own. So what do we do now? Come on, you know we can help!

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The Sad Truth About Dalmatians


You know we pride ourselves on not only teaching you guys about dog obesity, but teaching you about all things dog. So you can only imagine how surprising we find it when we learn something that even we didn’t know. The truth is, it happens all the time. I think that is the best part of a site like this. We are not only teaching, but also always learning ourselves. Like this fact about Dalmatians we bet you didn’t know…..

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