Formally known as “Wiener,” Rocky is a dachshund who has been through a lot but has lived up to his new name – he’s a fighter.  After achieving his first goal and losing more than 20 lbs, Rocky has a new goal; to find a new forever home.

Standard Dachshunds are special dogs, and Rocky fits that mold.  He is personality plus and will bring joy to his new owners every day.  Rocky is in great shape now and will require both physical and mental exercise, a small about of medicine, and a lot of love. He is trained and his new family will be encouraged to be tremendous disciplinarians.  Giving constant direction to this working dog is one of the ways to help Rocky continue to lead a healthy life. Ideally a Doxie of Rocky's size should weigh 25 pounds, and he is closer to that weight than ever. With a long spine and short legs, any extra weight on a Rocky spells danger..

Rocky was originally assessed and tested by Dr. Dennis Arn of Desert Inn Animal Hospital who donated all of his care. He will come with all of his vet records and instructions. David Ezra and Yaniv Rosenberg of dogPACER will donated a Minipacer treadmill for his continued goal of staying fit, The Honest Kitchen will donate a box of his favorite food, and Thundershirt donated a shirt to assist in anxiety and hold Rocky’s sagging skin up off the ground as he lost weight.  Geralynn, a professional dog trainer, still fosters, cares for and trains Rocky daily and will offer instruction for his continued training.  Rocky is available to the right home for a 250$ adoption fee.

As of early September, Rocky has lost almost half his body weight!  His blood tests have come back with so much improvement, and he is happy and healthy, losing more weight every day. His daily routine is a walk/jog on the Minipacer twice a day, a walk outside if the weather’s nice, nutritious meals, and lots of training and play time.  He looks forward to life with his new “pack.” He also swims and goes on field trips to become more acclimated to travel and socialization.

Anyone who meets Rocky sees right away that he is a true gem of a dog. His tail never stops wagging now that he is on the path to recovery.

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