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 David Ezra and Yaniv Rosenberg at a huge pet expo at the Orange County Convention Center. Feb 20, 2013

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David Ezra and Yaniv Rosenberg  visited The Couch on CBS New York.

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NBC News 3 anchor Jim Snyder profiled a local Nevada company that's aking Las Vegas work and creating jobs that have nothing to do with gambling or tourism. You just have to see this thing in action. It's a treadmill made just for dogs. We heard from the company co-founders about the benefits for the dog and the owner. They told Snyder pretty much any dog can learn to love it.

Watch this video to learn about DogPacer's dog treadmill, which was on display at SuperZoo, held Sept. 11-13, 2012, in Las Vegas.

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DogPacer at SuperZoo 2012







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