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Picking a Pooch!

With over 500 breeds recognized by kennel clubs throughout the world, finding the right dog for your lifestyle isn’t always easy. The choices today are endless, purebred or mixed? Large, medium or small? Long hair or short? You get the gist. So how do you make the right choice? Choosing the right breed takes a mix of common sense, doing the research and getting an understanding of different breeds personalities.


The most important thing is feeling comfortable around your dog so you need to choose one that will blend in with your lifestyle. Firstly you need to consider costs, if you aren’t willing to spend lots of money from a specific breeder try looking at Shelters or Rescue Groups. They offer a variety of breeds at an affordable cost.  When selecting your dog you need to consider the different traits in breeds, for example their energy requirements, size, training time, attention requirements and ability to be around people. There are several online Breed Selector Tools that you can use to see which breed would be best suited for your lifestyle. We recommend Animal Planet and Pedigree Breed Selector Tools.

Housebreaking Your Pup; The "Do's and Dont's"

Bringing home a new dog is an exciting time but it can also prove stressful, particularly when your finding unwanted surprises from your pet around the house. Here are some helpful tips for getting your pup housetrained and avoiding unwanted house-soiling incidents.

housebreaking1. Be Consistent

Housetraining requires more than a few stacks of newspapers – you need to be vigilant, patient and most importantly consistent! Housetraining can take a few months and it is imperative you follow the procedures you’ve put in place right until the dog is fully trained; if you stop trying, why wouldn’t your pooch?



2. Establish a Routine

Creating a schedule for your dog teaches them the time to eat, the time to play and the time to potty. At it’s most basic, the routine will keep you vigilant on when to take your dog outside and allow the dog to become familiar with break times. Make sure you are aware of how long your dog’s bladder can last, it is different for all of breeds and ages, and create the routine based around this.

3. Encourage Good Behavior

Every time your dog goes to the bathroom outside make sure he/ she knows what an awesome job they did! Just like humans, dogs thrive on encouragement and praise and making sure they know that outside = happiness will encourage them to keep going outdoors.

4. Don’t Over-Punish when there is an Accident!

It is common for owners to feel the need to over-punish their dogs when they make the mistake of eliminating inside, to ensure the dog knows it was wrong. If the dog has already eliminated and you have found it getting angry and rubbing their nose in it is only going make them afraid of you or afraid of eliminating in front of you. Just clean it up and move on. If you catch your dog mid-accident make sure you interrupt! A loud noise or startling them with “OUTSIDE” is the best option. Get them outside straightaway and if they manage to finish once outdoors make sure to praise them for it! This helps them realize that outside is the place to go – not in your favorite room.

Housetraining is tricky business and it takes longer for some dogs then others. The most important thing to remember is to “Just Keep Training”! Keep up the routine, the praise and the procedures until you are sure your dog knows what’s what.


Top 5 Reasons Why Adoption Will be Worth it!

We have all heard the stories of amazing rescue dogs that find happiness with loving families but people are still wary when it comes to adoption. This post looks at the top reasons why adoption is worth it!


1. Adoption Means Saving a Life.

Number one is perhaps the most rewarding reason for adopting a rescue dog. Dog euthanasia is a topic most people want to steer away from, and we understand why, but the simple fact is when     you adopt from a shelter you are saving an animals life and giving that dog the home and care it deserves.



2. You’re Adopting a Healthy, Loving Dog While Saving Money!

It is a common misconception that dogs that come from shelters are unhealthy or “damaged” – this is extremely false. Animal shelters and rescue groups provide outstanding care for their dogs and ensure examinations and vaccinations are completed regularly. When you adopt a rescue dog you will be going home with a healthy, happy and loving dog that will be far less expensive then buying from pet stores or other sources.

3. You Won’t Be Supporting Puppy-Mills / Pet Stores

Puppy mills are large scale commercial breeding sites that value monetary profit over the welfare of the animals. Puppy Mills often supply pet stores with their puppies and as such when you purchase from stores you are supporting these unsanitary, inhumane sites.

4. Rescue Dogs Make Great Pets!

Not only are you changing the life of the dog you adopt, but you will also be changing yours! Most of the time when dogs end up in shelters and rescue groups it is due to circumstances out of their control and nothing to do with their personality. Rescue dogs are affectionate, caring and attentive and will make amazing companions.

5.  Plenty of Variety to Choose From

One of the wonderful things about adopting a shelter dog is the unmatched variety to choose from! Shelters offer a range of breeds, sizes and ages so there is a pet to suit every family. With so many dogs to choose from at a shelter, you can literally have your pick from a variety of litters.

*Photo Courtesy of Patterson Dog & Cat Hospital